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Rhonda Farrell Oller
On 15 October 2021 we held our inaugural JOINT Innovation Day 2021. We welcomed INNOVATION thought leaders, ...

Our Innovation Day 2021 was inclusive of a diverse field of thought leaders, speakers, and authors. We thank them ...

Innovation Day 2021 - Innovation Ambassador - Ms. Archi Marrapu - CEO STEMifyGirls

Opening Keynote Speaker - Ms. Teresa Jurgens-Kowal - Innovation Magic:Creativity in a Hybrid World

Morning Keynote - Hari Abburi - Innovation’s Agility Factor

Dr. Marc Sniukas - The Art of Opportunity - How to design new growth businesses from within (PDF version here )

Ciara Ungar - Rethinking the Design of Team Development

Christina Gao - IEEE-R2 UMD College Park Representative Announcement

Mr. Zubair Anwar - Quality 4.0

Michael Bost
That is, does your company recognize documentation as a factor in quality? Thank you.
Rhonda Farrell Oller
Our own Ved Munbodh, Quality Manager at Transinvest Construction Ltd. presented recently on the Power BI Tool and ...

See his phenomenal Deck here:

Rhonda Farrell Oller
Missed Dr. Rhonda's webinar exploring Innovation Value? Not to worry, the replay is here , and you can download ...
Rhonda Farrell Oller
Missed our first Innovation in Action series webinar? Not to worry, Ms. Kate Neu and Mr. Casey Young rocked their ...
Rhonda Farrell Oller
Didn't get a chance to attend our March 2021 webinar? Not to worry, Mr. Joe Perzel's video can be viewed on our ...
Rhonda Farrell Oller
Didn't have a chance to attend Joseph Diele's event in Real-Time? No worries, we not only have the session ...

You can download your RUs for the Webinar ASQ_Innov TC Webinar June 24 2021 RUs.pdf .

Rhonda Farrell Oller
Didn't get a chance to make it out to Kiran's session, but you'd love to hear more about her session, not to worry. We ...

You can download your RUs for the Webinar ASQ_Innov TC Webinar August 26 2021 RUs.pdf

Rhonda Farrell Oller
The ASQ Innovation team invites you to join Peter Merrill on 25 Feb 2021 @ 7:00 PM Eastern speaking about the Great 8 ...
If you weren't able to make it out live to the event you are still in luck!

See Peter Merrill's discussion with us ...

You can download your RUs for the Webinar ASQ_Innov TC Webinar February RUs.pdf .

Rhonda Farrell Oller
Consider attending our first ASQ Innovation TC 2021 Webinar, entitled Automating Creativity and building your ...
If you missed the Sunil's Discussion and Tool Workshop, watch it now on our YouTube Channel!

We'd like to continue ...

Download your RUs for Sunil's Webinar ASQ_Innov TC Webinar January 21 2021 RUs.pdf .

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