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Jane Keathley
I found this discussion with Dr. John Timmerman, former ASQ Chair, to be highly informative and very interesting - ...
Rhonda Farrell
Hitting the I-Spot: Innovation Through the Lens of Ikigai Presented by Mr. Dan Zrymiak, ASQ Fellow and Quality ...
Rhonda Farrell Dec '22

In case you missed the AWESOME Dan Z's presentation with us, don't fret, his deck is here and the recording will be ...

I was delighted and honored to present, and Dr. Rhonda Farrell was a most gracious and indulgent moderator and ...

Hope it gives you great ideas to implement in 2023 and beyond!

Zubair Anwar Khurshid
World Quality Month is celebrated in November around the world. American Society for Quality and other ...
Rhonda Farrell
In case you missed Ciara's discussion with us on “A Business Case for Cultivating Purpose”, don't fret as you can ...
Rhonda Farrell Nov '22
Rhonda Farrell
If you missed our discussion tonight with Dr. Nicole Radziwill, don't fret! You can view her deck here and listen to ...
Rhonda Farrell Oct '22
Rhonda Farrell
If you missed Dr. Bettina von Stamm's event with us, “ Why the 21st century requires collaboration, innovation, ...
Rhonda Farrell Sep '22
Rhonda Farrell
Thanks to phenomenal guest speaker for August 2022, Dr. Marc Sniukas. We had a lively conversation about Busting ...
Rhonda Farrell Aug '22
Rhonda Farrell
In case you missed our event with Mr. Bryan Mattimore, Leading Innovation Culture Transformation, find the deck ...
Rhonda Farrell Jul '22
Rhonda Farrell
In case you missed our discussion with Mr. Braden Kelley on Making Sure You are Solving A Problem Worth Solving, you ...
Rhonda Farrell Jul '22
Rhonda Farrell
Mr. Andrew Sherwood presented Strategic Decision Points for Corporate Innovation on 28 APR 2022, where he shared ...
Rhonda Farrell Apr '22

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