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Luz Tatiana Miranda
Gl obally today, ' resilience ' and ' digital fluency ' are consistently rated as the two most important skills ...
Great question, Tatiana. I would say I have 'resilience' - experience, learning, growing, and maturing help ...
Thanks for sharing, Tim!
I really like your response and would like to add to it.

To help develop resilience you can consider the ...
    Timothy Parrent
    The FD&C Division would like to know your interest in having a division member mentor or being a mentor to ...
    Timothy Parrent Feb '21
    Hello Timothy,

    I’m interested in being mentored.

    Thank you,
    Norm Howe Norm Howe Feb '21
    I'd like to volunteer to mentor someone in creating a strong quality culture.
    Hi Timothy,

    I'm in.

    I'd like to be mentored. Thanks for the potential opportunity to learn.,
    Tim: Beneficial for Students and NextGens, to be sure. And Karina Rodriguez the NextGen Chair for our ASQ FDC ...
    Hi Timothy,

    I am interested in mentoring and being mentored as well. My expertise range from Project management, ...
    Hi Timothy,

    I am interested in being mentored in Project Management and QMS Auditing.

    Thank you,
    I am interested in being mentored in Black Six Sigma, and project management
    Thank you
    Jami Silar Jami Silar Feb '21
    Hi Timothy,

    I am interested in being mentored in Project Management and QMS Auditing. Thank you for this ...
    Great idea. I could be a mentor for food, supplements or cosmetics on topics such as general quality, quality ...
    Sarah Christie
    Please allow me a moment of your time. My name is Sarah Christie and I am a Doctoral Candidate at Florida Tech that is ...
    Sarah Christie Jul '21
    I'd be interested in participating and seeing what correlations you draw.
    Harischandran S
    Hi Everyone, I am new to this community. Am interested in GMP of pharmaceuticals. It will be helpful for me if ...
    Harischandran S Apr '21
    I suggest you start with the ASQ Pharmaceutical GMP Professional Handbook, H1386, or the current second edition ...
    I am also a member of SQA and actually will be attending a Quality College course on GMP Fundamentals next ...
    I am currently in the process of studying for CPMP. In addition to buying ASQ book, I recommend purchasing the ...
    Wonder if you've details of the
    SQA Quality College course on GMP Fundamentals.

    I am leading a virtual workshop on excipient GMP auditing in 2 weeks. You can get details at ipec-americas.org
    Harischandran - Thanks for asking the question. All of the replies are good. It is an open book test, so you will be ...
    A lot depends on your goal for GMP materials. Is it to study for the CPGP exam or to learn basic GMPs. Either way just ...
    Deal fellow members,

    I am from Canada. Touching the same topic of studying for cGMP. Is there any initiative from ...
    Please contact Toronto section for study group.

    David Davis
    All, I'm looking for some good case studies on the use of blockchain in the supply chain. Specific areas of interest ...
    David Davis May '21
    Valerie Strong
    Is anyone having trouble getting quality applicants or over qualified, for an entry level ($40k-$55k doe) FSQA ...
    Valerie Strong Apr '21

    By definition, entry-level means no experience. Perhaps you mean relevant food experience but no QA ...
    Suggestion for posting:
    Yes, we are having similar challenges with FSQA and SQF Practitioner role that we are currently trying to fill. We ...
    Can you elaborate a little on the basic quals you're looking for? For example, are you seeking someone with a 2-year ...
    Sarah Christie
    Good Afternoon - Please allow me a moment of your time. My name is Sarah Christie and I am a Doctoral Candidate at ...
    Sarah Christie May '21
    I also want to reassure people that all data is kept confidential. While I am asking for company names it is just for ...
    Norm Howe
    Excited to be a new member of ASQ and the FD&C Division.  I've been in the quality and manufacturing business ...
    Norm Howe Jan '21

    I focus on auditing and leave the FDA Compliance generating and establishing up to others who are more current ...
    Norm Howe Norm Howe Jan '21
    Nice to 'meet' you, Bob.  Well, we all have our different roles and that's a good thing.  One amazing thing that we ...
    Welcome Norm!
    Paul Mignon
    This is a great presentation on ASQ value and career progression with ASQ behind you!
    Paul Mignon Feb '21
    hi - thank you - I am a member of this technical community as well.
    Mark Green
    Does anyone have any insight they could share concerning their experience with Enterprise Quality Management ...
    Mark Green Feb '21