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Jeremiah Genest
Research on feedback in teams recognizes the importance of continuous reflection and feedback mechanisms to ...
Jeremiah Genest May '21
Michael Bost
I previously posted this under General Discussions, but it clearly resonates with this forum: Who comes to mind ...
Michael Bost May '21
Have you read Dr. Fred Kiel Return On Character ? This book does the difficult job of quantifying the value of a ...
Jeremiah Genest
As we move through of careers we all have endless incidents that can either be denied and suppressed or ...
Jeremiah Genest Apr '21
Join us in June for our story event

Storytime Flyer.pdf
Jeremiah Genest
Communities of practice (CoPs) are an important knowledge management tool that drives improvement. A group of ...
Jeremiah Genest Apr '21
CoPs are essential in building quality and service improvement teams in organisations. As a knowledge sharing ...
Ogba Ukpabi ‍ - been thinking of how to build and deploy these easily within a quality system. Be curious what ...
Jeremiah Genest
Thirty-five years ago Deming wrote that “no one can put in his best performance unless he feels secure.” ...
Jeremiah Genest May '21
Jeremiah Genest
All teams need ground rules. Ground rules, the agreed behaviors of the team, should be short, sharp, unambiguous, ...
Jeremiah Genest Apr '21
Jeremiah Genest
The day is coming where parts of my team will be returning to the office. However, the days of expecting everyone to ...
Jeremiah Genest Apr '21
Norm Howe Norm Howe Apr '21
Will this be all day?
I'm doing an all-day workshop yes. Here's the more detailed agenda.

Team Offsite.docx
Jeremiah Genest
I recently wrote some high-level thoughts on visual management on my blog . Visual management is a critical part of ...
Jeremiah Genest Apr '21
Jeremiah Genest
In a recent blog post " Quality Culture is Fundamental to Actually Providing Quality " I discussed Schein's ...
Jeremiah Genest Mar '21
Norm Howe Norm Howe Mar '21
I'm going to revert back to my days as a plant mgr to answer this question. The best artifacts were the quality ...
I wholeheartedly agree, visual management boards are an amazing artifact. I love continuous improvement boards ...
When I served as supplier quality manager for Black & Decker's Kwikset and Price Pfister divisions, I had to cover ...
Supplier management, and audits in general, is a great place to bring a Work-as-Done vs Work-as-Imagined ...
Jeremiah Genest
Visual meeting facilitation facilitating a meeting by taking continual, visual notes is a great technique for ...
Jeremiah Genest Oct '19
Been doing a lot of visual facilitation through remote meetings. what have been other's experiences?

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