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Jeffrey Veyera
Folks, we're rebuilding the Team and Workplace Excellence Forum for 2022. This is a terrific opportunity for ...
Jeffrey Veyera Dec '21
Janet Lentz
Most people in the Western world have seen The Wizard of Oz at least once. This is the movie where Dorothy Gale, a poor ...
Janet Lentz Oct '22
Norm Howe
Engaged employees produce better business outcomes -- across industries, company sizes and nationalities, and ...
Norm Howe Aug '22
Lizabeth Wesely-Casella
According to the Microsoft report titled The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work 62% of all frontline workers say ...

I worked with a professional coach and realized that for me, having a sense of achievement was very important. I was ...

Norm Howe Norm Howe Aug '22

@Janet Lentz
Achievement was #1 on Fred Herzberg's list of motivators. Interestingly, money was not.

Jeremiah Genest
The Harvard Business Review in the article " What Job Crafting Looks Like " by Jane E. Dutton and Amy Wrzesniewski ...
Jeremiah Genest Mar '20

@Jeremiah Genest
I ran into this problem in a middle management job that had become unfulfilling. I wanted to ...

Jeffrey Veyera
Your intrepid detectives Norm, Jeff, and Lizabeth have been on The Case of the Murdered Workplace for some weeks ...
Jeffrey Veyera Jun '22
Norm Howe Norm Howe Jun '22

“Shut up and color"!! LOL.

I wholeheartedly agree. “Growing up” in a C&C environment, it was absolute misery for a lot of people. It bred ...

@Jeffrey Veyera

Having been an officer in the US Navy, and on submarines (often described as "Management by ...

Jeffrey Veyera
It has been 35 years since Dr. Deming shared his 14 Points in Out of the Crisis. In Chapter 3, he covers Point 8: “ Drive ...
Jeffrey Veyera Dec '21

I have worked in a fear-based, ”command and control” environment and also in workplaces that were inclusive and ...

@Jeffrey Veyera

I can't say the company I worked for (on my day job) did much to drive out fear, mostly tried to drive ...

Norm Howe
Research from the University of Washington shows that while narcissistic bosses can often be brilliant, that ...
Norm Howe Jul '22
Norm Howe
Our desire for innovation can keep us from seeing one of the most powerful paths to progress: subtraction. ...
Norm Howe Jun '22
Jeffrey Veyera
Commander Control seemed like our perp---right up until Nicole George shared her story. Nicole has been waging ...
Jeffrey Veyera Jun '22

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