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Carl Johansen
I am privileged to serve this Division as Chair, and look forward to working with some truly great members and ...
Carl Johansen May '19
Hello Ray. At the World Conference, there was talk of setting up Mentor/Protege programs for the Divisions. Is the ...
Raymond Crawford
What effects has the latest pandemic had on how you conduct your work; whether you are office or field based? How ...
William M. Hayden
Isn’t It Time?
Briefly. . . .
When accountants . . .educated, professional, licensed. . . go to work, they work ...
Thomas Reed
Great content, thank you. I viewed the Lean Construction Ireland -sponsored webinar, promoted in that ...
Thomas Reed Jan '20
Brendan Bartolo
Is anyone celebrating World Quality Month on their jobsites?  Care to share some celebration ideas?    
Brendan Bartolo Nov '19
We are holding a Quality Lunch on our biggest project to celebrate the efforts put in by our crews.  We are awarding ...
Carl Johansen
If you have pictures you would like to share from World, post them here!
Carl Johansen Jun '19
Carl Johansen
Being an ASQ Member Leader allows me to meet the future of our profession. Today, Con Edison hosted a great panel ...
Carl Johansen Jun '19

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