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Keith Harasyn

ASQ London executive would like your feedback by completing a quick survey:
Topic:  Virtual Audits – What’s In ...
Keith Harasyn
ASQ London Section 0403 has released our newsletter for September, 2020. 
In this issue, you will find:
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Nada Aboshawish
TITLE: Quality Assurance Specialist
REPORTS TO: Global Director, Quality

I. Purpose of Position:
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              Keith Harasyn
              ASQ London, Section 0403 has relaunched our section newsletter. 
              Inside you will find:
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              Keith Harasyn Mar '20
              Nada Aboshawish


              I was wondering if I can bounce some ideas around to see if I'm on the right track with respect to Physical and ...
              Nada Aboshawish Sep '19
              Hongbin Li Hongbin Li Sep '19
              Hi Nada,

              Not familiar with software auditing, but I believe the key of a successful audit is focusing on inputs, ...
              Keith Harasyn
              The September, 2019 Presentation on Understanding and Implementing David Allen's GTD: Getting Things Done, ...
              Keith Harasyn Sep '19
              My home and office are filled with post-it notes as I try to get through step 1!!! This was an amazing session. 
              Nada Aboshawish
              What's your favorite Quality quote?
              Mine is: "It's never the people, it's almost always the process"
              Nada Aboshawish Feb '19
              One of my favourite Quality Quotes comes from Albert Einstein - "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting ...
              I like that one Klaus! It's so true too :) 
              Keith Harasyn
              Welcome to our new website.  In order to receive notifications and join discussion groups, ASQ members belonging ...
              Keith Harasyn Aug '18
              Keith Harasyn
              Your feedback helps us improve.  Use this link to complete a short survey on the September meeting:  7 Quality ...
              Keith Harasyn Sep '18
              Keith Harasyn
              ASQ London executive would like your feedback by completing a quick survey:
              Topic:  Demystifying Risk  Speaker: ...
              Keith Harasyn Oct '18

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