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Scott Sterbenz
Just in case you missed the October joint webinar with the Statistics division, the files (video and PowerPoint) ...
Glenn Findling
Team, I have an opening for an Sr. OpEx Specialist position with ECU Health in Greenville, NC. If interested, here ...
Shayne Bernadette Perez
Hello everyone! Let's talk about the best visual factory/management that you have made or seen. Looking forward ...
Scott Sterbenz
Join the Six Sigma Forum leadership team for a 1-hour town hall. Learn more about the Forum, what we have planned for ...
Scott Sterbenz Oct '22

The Leadership Team was so excited to host our first Town Hall for our members. We hope you enjoyed it! Just in case ...

Scott Sterbenz
On August 12 at 12:00 EST, Albert Eisele will be presenting a webinar regarding strategic plannning for designed ...
Scott Sterbenz Jun '22

The August 12 webinar recording and presentation material are available for download here: ...

Scott Sterbenz
Scott Sterbenz May '22

The winning score was an unbelievable 22!!

Scott Sterbenz
Scott Sterbenz May '22
Scott Sterbenz
Help recognize significant contributors to the Six Sigma profession by nominating them for the 2023 Six Sigma ...
Scott Sterbenz May '22
Nanjarivelo Misa Nicolas Ralainarivo
Hi every one, I hope all of you are doing well. Our service plans to call a Master Black Belt consultant in order to ...

Misa - I think that is going to vary by region and by industry. I have also heard of some cases where the MBB receives a ...

Scott Cornish
Greetings all and I hope we can start a discussion on a challenge we all may face in the ‘new normal’ at work. Prior to ...
Scott Cornish Mar '22


Great question.

One basic thing I do is have people turn their cameras on. Being on camera makes it less ...

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