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Jarrod Watson
Good Morning, Since the conference is in conjunction with the MD&M Conference, do we need to register for the ...
Jarrod Watson Sep '22
John Lenss
We are still working the specific job description. I am a CSQE but I don't have time, so we are standing up a new group. ...
John Lenss Aug '22
Andrew Collins
Hello, Is there any talk of members putting together site visits in the near future? I am very curious to see ...
Andrew Collins Jun '22
JoAnn Christensen
When will the certs (RUs) be sent out for the Feb meeting?
JoAnn Christensen
Position Summary: The Quality Assurance Associate is an integral part of SAB Biotherapeutics Quality team ...
Ryan Fleser
Support Operations Environmental/Sustainability efforts by: Analyzing monthly utility/energy data, ...
Ryan Fleser Dec '21
Hannah Boyer
Job Title: Quality Engineer BIOLYPH is growing! We are seeking an experienced, team-oriented and responsive ...
Hannah Boyer Mar '21
Karen Maskell
Some recent member survey data indicates that our members want to hear more about Quality 4.0 and they might be ...
Karen Maskell Feb '21
Hannah Boyer
Last week at the annual Minnesota Quality Conference, there was a community thread which asked attendees what ...
Hannah Boyer Nov '20
Jim Nelson Jim Nelson Nov '20
Great conference and content!
More Quality 4.0 and some innovation content would be great.
Jim, that is great feedback!  Thank you for sharing!
I would love to see an in-depth seminar on the basics of ISO 14971:2019 for engineers that are new to the medical ...
Karen Maskell
This is the closing note for the Minnesota Quality Conference. Section Chair Theo Black talks about Servant ...
Karen Maskell Nov '20
Wow- that is a powerful question, Karen!  One of the things I love about my ASQ membership is that there are ...

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