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Jeffrey Michael Parnes
Shoichiro Toyoda, who led Toyota’s surge into U.S. market, dies at 97: When Mr. Toyoda came to Georgetown, Ky., in ...
Jeffrey Michael Parnes
Silver Line’s second phase was to be different. It fell into the same trap: During eight years of construction, the ...
Jeffrey Michael Parnes
How's lean working for you now? Is JIT getting you the supplies you need? Lessons From Henry Ford About Today’s ...
Jeffrey Michael Parnes
Who monitors the certification process? #Quality does! Who doesn't? #DCMetro ! Top Metro leaders step down one ...
Jeffrey Michael Parnes
Emergent Hid Evidence of Covid Vaccine Problems at Plant, Report Says. The report sheds new light on executives’ ...
Ellen Quinn
Ellen Quinn Sep '21
Jeffrey Michael Parnes
My last job was virtual. I met my boss once during a Starbucks interview. Tried to establish relationships with my ...
Jeffrey Michael Parnes
It’s hard to be #resilient when you rely on a #singlesource I've always had my doubts about " #lean " ...
Eric Jensen
Starting the discussion thread from the May 12 meeting.
Eric Jensen May '21
Jeffrey Michael Parnes
The new disclosure follows other allegations of manufacturing and #qualityproblems with the #boeing737 , a ...

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