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Luigi Sille
Let's talk about REMOTE workplace CULTURE.mp4
Luigi Sille
Leading a TEAM consisting of different CULTURES.mp4

@Luigi Sille Here's a great addition to this topic from ASQ's podcast ā€œThe Fearless Workplaceā€: differences in ...

Luigi Sille
Disruptive Leadership.mp4
Luigi Sille
Invest in your PEOPLE, It's Worth it !.mp4
Luigi Sille
Gossip in the WORKPLACE; It will DESTROY your organization.mp4
Luigi Sille
Workplace demotivation This is a HUGE PROBLEM.mp4

@Luigi Sille
Well. It's really a good question and absolutely no doubt on how critical unmotivated people could ...

According to David Pink's book "Drive" there are three elements that motivate people: autonomy, mastery, and ...

@Jonathon Andell
That book sounds like it was based off of Demingā€™s 14 points: Consistency of purpose, institute ...

Luigi Sille
Leaders and Managers are always SO BUSY, without ANY NOTICEABLE improvements whatsoever.mp4

@Luigi Sille
Yes, lots of movement, NO IMPROVEMENT!

@Luigi Sille
Honestly, I think it depends on the focus. It is important to empower and guide others so that things ...

You're absolutely right. Without a concerted effort, meaning a project plan with objectives, milestones, and ...
They also need to focus on outcomes. Too often, senior managers focuses on processes. Once a process is in place, ...

@Luigi Sille


The best way to explain the reason is with the 4 quadrants of Stephen Covey. Not investing and ...

Luigi Sille
People oriented_ Are you a PEOPLE ORIENTED LEADER_.mp4
Luigi Sille Sep '22
Most certainly, after 38 years in the military and 25 years in Quality in the civilian sector, it grew on me!
While not as many years in the military, only 24, I found that being a people oriented leader is not what most people ...

@Edmond Frost
Absolutely agree with you. May be we can add that leadership or team leader should also show real care ...

Luigi Sille
Luigi Sille Aug '22
Luigi Sille
The Know-it-All Manager/ employee is a person who acts like he or she knows everything, and at the same time ...
Luigi Sille Aug '22
I've had a couple of those and it is frustrating as all hell. They won't listen to logic, tell you your calculations ...
Find a new boss.
I once worked for the smartest man ever born. That's what he knew; and he wanted you to know it too. It ...
Dale Hill Dale Hill Aug '22

Make sure to document their decisions, especially when they run counter to reasonable decisions based on ...

@Luigi Sille
For me, I cannot with such a Boss.

Communication is not only being able to explain your ideas or new ...

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