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Lizabeth Wesely-Casella
Hi DMV ASQ friends, I don't know about you, but the attrition and the Great Resignation stats are alarming. I really ...

Hi Lizabeth, did anyone contact your from ASQ 0509? If not, let's talk. I have some ideas for you and I have been ...

Ronald Kelley
We had a great speaker last month who spoke about the impact of quality on the Steam Ship revolution. What did you ...
Ronald Kelley Oct '19
Michael Arjev
For those that were looking forward to our strategy meeting, worry not, your chance to help shape our long-term ...
Michael Arjev Apr '21
Michael Arjev
A new year brings some new faces to ASQ 509's leadership team to bolster our returning leaders, as we work together ...
Michael Arjev Jan '21
Michael Arjev
ASQ 509 Members,  Is it time for you to recertify to maintain your valuable ASQ certifications? Are you curious ...
Michael Arjev Jul '20
Kari Repka Kari Repka Apr '21
Please note the Database@asq509.org alias is no longer active. Please send requests to our current Database ...
Michael Arjev
MilliporeSigma is expanding in Rockville, MD and the Quality Assurance team is hiring Quality Engineers to be ...
Michael Arjev Mar '20
Kari Repka
Introducing the 2022 SLC Officers and Committees 2022 ASQ509 SLC Roster.pdf
Kari Repka Feb '22
Michael Arjev
Have a Job? Need a job?  Post here.
Michael Arjev Oct '19
Michael Arjev
Amazon is hiring LSS Black Belts. Details in the attached job description. if interested, contact the hiring ...
Michael Arjev Aug '21
Michael Arjev
Members, You are appreciated. Really, you are. We are glad to have you as part of our section. So much so that we're ...
Michael Arjev Jan '21

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