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Don Wright
  1010 Kickoff!  WEBEX, Invite provided later.... Monday September 14, 2020 – Speaker: Francis ...
Don Wright Aug '20
What is the venue for the meetings, WebEx? And the Time?
Don Wright Don Wright Sep '20
Me or Moesis need to put the events up in Events.  Jay Zhou is concerned that his November Talk isn't posted.  Let me ...
Thomas Strong
I would like to congratulate the Ann Arbor's 2020 Leadership Team on receiving the 2020 Silver Award for the ...
Thomas Strong Jun '21
Don Wright
Hello! This is Don Wright / Arrangements Chair for Ann Arbor Section. I'm going to open up the March 1 meeting ...
Don Wright Feb '21
Looking forward to trying this out and other ideas to connect in remote ways! Funny way to warn us about what could ...
Don Wright Don Wright Feb '21
Every situation in Life has been covered by Letterkenny. HowAreYouNow? There's only one answer.
Thomas Strong
Find attached our Winter News letter 2021: Letter from the Chair Member Leaders for 2021 New contact emails for ...
Thomas Strong Jan '21
Thomas Strong ‍ and Kelvin Elvidge ‍ - Great work with the Section newsletter! Kelvin mentioned in the Region pulse ...
Eric Zink Eric Zink Feb '21
Great, glad it's getting noticed. Tom and Kelvin have upped the game with the last 2 newsletters, and I'm glad it's ...
Thomas Strong
Slides used at the Jan 4th 2021 meeting before the speaker.
Thomas Strong Jan '21
Thomas Strong
Hope on over to our EVENTS pages to open the WebEx at
Don Wright
This is the file referenced by Jake Frimenko in his 05OCT20 Talk at the ASQ Ann Arbor Section Meeting
Don Wright Oct '20
Thomas Strong
Newsletter has been updated Welcome to ASQ Ann Arbor and we prepare for the 2020-2021 season. We are new to the ...
Thomas Strong Sep '20
A small error has been corrected.
Thomas Strong
Whether seeking employment or have a lead on a job, this is the place for you place your to network. Go to the Ann Arbor ...
Thomas Strong Jun '21
Don Wright
Here it is! I put in chat 3 times that I'd post this in our discussions. I then only got about 5 emails looking for the ...
Don Wright Mar '21

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