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David Davis
Years ago, I served as the Education Division's liaison to SRTC. At the time, there was a periodic conference call ...
David Davis Jul '22

@Marcel Minutolo Can you respond to David?

@David Davis - we do still hold the Quarterly calls. Next one is Sept. 15 at noon. Send me an email and we will get you on ...

@Marcel Minutolo
Can I also be added to the distribution? I realize I missed the September 15th call, but I would ...

David Davis
I've discovered that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Academy has some three-dozen self-paced MOOCs ...
David Davis Jul '22

@David Davis, thanks for sharing!

Marcel Minutolo
If you are looking for guidance on ISO26000, check out the three-part series in the resources section of SRTC.
Marcel Minutolo Dec '21
Richard Gould
During the 2019 WCQI, SRTC surveyed attendees at our booth in the exhibit hall asking what topics would they like ...
Richard Gould Apr '21
Chaitanya Baliga
Are you planning to participate in EARTH HOUR event this Saturday? Switch off your lights for an hour on Saturday, ...
Richard Gould
QUALITY PROGRESS “Field Notes” ASQ Technical Communities are invited to contribute to the flagship ...
Richard Gould Jan '21
Richard Gould
Stephanie Gaulding is requesting volunteer help for planning a Segment event this year, If you are willing and ...
Richard Gould Jan '21
Jennifer Stepniowski
Join a group of passionate professionals connecting social responsibility (SR) and quality. ASQ’s newest ...
Stephen Small
New to ASQ and new to Social Responsibility but I would like to be involved with the group and attempt to make a ...
Stephen Small Mar '20
Yes please do connect.
Chair SRTC
ISO 26000 is defined as the international standard developed to help organizations effectively assess and ...
Hello Girish

How would you change your audit plan to reflect this new understanding of social responsibility ...
Hi Ruth
The audit plan is presented in two steps, remote and onsite audit.
The remote audit plan is focused on ...
Jennifer Stepniowski
A special thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth at WCQI this year. It was a great opportunity for us to say ...

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