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Carla Jones
Future Events (March - June 2023).pptx
Eduardo Vega
Application deadline: October 30, 2022 at 11:59pm Purpose: To award financial assistance to current students at ...
Eduardo Vega Oct '22
Wei Zhan
There will be a virtual meeting on Monday, October 3rd ,2022 | 6:00 -7:00 PM CST. Buker_An All Electric Future.pdf ...
Wei Zhan Sep '22
Wei Zhan
There will be a virtual meeting on 9/19, 6-7PM. The topic is “The Future of the Transportation Industry is ...
Wei Zhan Sep '22
Anthony Adams
We need your feedback. Tell us how we are doing and more important give us your suggestions on improving how we get ...
Anthony Adams Aug '22
Prashant Godbole
CONGRATULATIONS !! I am pleased to share the great news that our ‘Greater Houston Section’ is a recipient of 2021 ...
Phillip Chen
You guys rock! ASQ Houston appreciates all that you do for the chapter.
Phillip Chen Apr '22
Anthony Adams
This is the official website for the Greater Houston Geographic Section (1405) . For anyone who works in a position ...
Anthony Adams Apr '22
Anthony Adams
We are all hoping to get back to in-person professional development meetings. Where should be meet? What topics do ...
Anthony Adams Apr '22

It might benefit our members if we change up our meeting locations to make it fair to everyone wanting to join.

I would love to get back to the face to face meetings. Meeting at the United Way always seemed to be a central and cost ...

Carla Jones
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Carla Jones Mar '22

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