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Eduardo Vega
I need to outsource a dimensional inspection with CMM Machine. This is for small plastic parts. Small volume for ...
Eduardo Vega May '21
Is there a scope of work to review?
Forrest Rattray
Welcome ASQ Houston SLT this community page will eventually replace our independent website ...
Forrest Rattray May '19

I am currently working in the Houston area and need RUs for recertification of CQA by next year. I don't ...
Hi Gerald,

Any webinar that aligns with the body of knowledge or is job enhancing counts towards RU's under ...
Thanks Steve,
I recently listened to a Webinar through the San Antonio Chapter and I earned .1 RU. I was informed of ...
You're welcome, Gerald.

As a member of ASQ, you will receive a monthly email that includes the "Member Gift." There ...
Thanks, I will continue my RU quest with your suggestions in mind.

Forrest Rattray
An upcoming ASQ Reliability and Risk Division webinar on Thu, Mar 11, 2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST Topic is ...
Forrest Rattray Jan '21
Forrest Rattray
Great News! There was no contest or competition for 2021 Officer roles, so no election process was needed. Please ...
Forrest Rattray Nov '20
Wei Zhan
ASQ Meeting_Oct 27th.pdf This meeting is open to everybody. If you are interested, please register for the ...
Wei Zhan Oct '21
Nicholas Cocchia
July Webinar β€” API 20E and 20F – Industry Efforts to Mitigate the Risk of In-Service Bolting Failures. Tuesday, ...
Joseph Falbo
Greater Houston Section - Regional Quality Conference: Hey everyone, I had some plans change at the last minute, ...
Joseph Falbo Oct '20
Hello Joseph,
Some videos of the conference have already been uploaded to our YouTube Channel ASQ HOUSTON 1405Β  ...
Eduardo Vega
I have an opportunity for College interns. Manufacturing facility by 45 Gulf Freeway, near Hobbby airport.
Eduardo Vega Jun '21
Wei Zhan Wei Zhan Jun '21
What are the starting time and end time for the intern position?
Jairo Velasquez
Our own LucΓ­ana Paulise is the author of the cover page article in the latest issue of Quality Progress. β€œHow to ...
Jairo Velasquez Mar '20
Nicholas Cocchia
Elevate Your Career for the #FutureofWork Tuesday, June 8, 2021 Registration ...

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