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David Harry
The Lean Enterprise Division is a proud sponsor of ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award, the world’s ...
David Harry May '19
I am excited to be able to comment on and reinforce the Lean Enterprise Division involvement in ITEA.  This is an ...
David Harry
Listening for your input! We are pleased that Patrick Harrell , Frank Murdock , Nick Vyas and our ASQ LED VOC Team ...
David Harry Nov '21
David Harry
This is a discussion of our ASQ LED eZine Publications.  We welcome your comments and ideas for eZine content. We ...
David Harry Feb '20
You can find the latest February 2020 Special Edition edition of our LED e-Zine in the file Folder at  2020 Volume 4 ...
Jeremiah Genest
If there is any hope of an in person conference in 2022 it is time to move out of Arizona and into a state with better ...
Jeremiah Genest Aug '21
Lindsay Lapatinsky
1 21
Do you have questions that you're just itching to ask someone? Are you new to the division and/or ASQ & confused ...
Thanks Lindsay!
Jeremiah Genest
The Government Division has taken a strong stand on electoral accountability. It is time for the Lean Six Sigma ...
Jeremiah Genest May '21
David Harry
The subject of "Thought Leadership" came up at our recent LED Strategic Planning Offsite.  We want our LED to be ...
David Harry Sep '19
Businesses are growing at exponential rates. It is incredibly important that we use the tools that are available ...
Thanks Kevin,

One definition states "A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority ...
I am a new member, but happy to contribute, count me in!
Frank Murdock
We at the Lean Enterprise Division are looking for input and ideas on the following: What is Lean 4.0? The ...
Frank Murdock Feb '21
Frank Murdock
The Call for Proposals is now ready for the 2020 Lean and Six Sigma Conference being held in Phoenix, AZ February 24 ...
Frank Murdock Jul '19
Thanks Frank,
Reminder -- Please submit proposals soon as proposals must be submitted to ASQ by  August 14, 2019. ...
Hank Czarnecki
Hank Czarnecki Sep '20

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