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Rhonda Farrell Oller
Meet the Author - Jane Keathley @ WCQI 2021 - 5/25/2021 - 'Structuring Your Organization for Innovation' Keywords ...
Rhonda Farrell Oller
On 15 October 2021 we held our inaugural JOINT Innovation Day 2021. We welcomed INNOVATION thought leaders, ...

Our Innovation Day 2021 was inclusive of a diverse field of thought leaders, speakers, and authors. We thank them ...

Innovation Day 2021 - Innovation Ambassador - Ms. Archi Marrapu - CEO STEMifyGirls

Opening Keynote Speaker - Ms. Teresa Jurgens-Kowal - Innovation Magic:Creativity in a Hybrid World

Morning Keynote - Hari Abburi - Innovation’s Agility Factor

Dr. Marc Sniukas - The Art of Opportunity - How to design new growth businesses from within (PDF version here )

Ciara Ungar - Rethinking the Design of Team Development

Christina Gao - IEEE-R2 UMD College Park Representative Announcement

Mr. Zubair Anwar - Quality 4.0

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