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Rhonda Farrell Oller
We welcome our members to review Mark Alarik's phenomenal session on The Collaboration Organization , How ...
Rhonda Farrell Oller
We are reaching out to share our ASQ Innovation mission, which includes developing the ASQ body of knowledge in the ...
Michael Bost
That is, does your company recognize documentation as a factor in quality? Thank you.
Michael Bost Oct '21
Rhonda Farrell Oller
Mr.Tracy Owens: One of Our InnovationĀ  Innovation TC Founding Leaders - Is holding the FIRST EVER Brain Date ...
Rhonda Farrell Oller
If you missed Jesse Fewell's discussion with us on 24 March 2022, that is okay, as you are in luck as he has provided ...
Rhonda Farrell Oller
Didn't get a chance to attend our March 2021 webinar? Not to worry, Mr. Joe Perzel's video can be viewed on our ...
Lou Ann Lathrop
Quality 4.0 - what's your insight on this?
Lou Ann Lathrop May '20
Hello Lou Ann Lathrop ā€Ā  and the Innovation Division (of which I am a member,

I would be pleased to share my insights ...
Thanks Daniel. We will be in touch shortly!
Good question, LouAnn! One good source of info on Q4.0 is the book, 'Connected, Intelligent, Automated' by Nicole ...
Rhonda Farrell Oller
What is strategy, and is it highly structured, or are there components that cannot be measured? What makes it ...
Rhonda Farrell Oller
Didn't get a chance to make it out to Kiran's session, but you'd love to hear more about her session, not to worry. We ...

You can download your RUs for the Webinar ASQ_Innov TC Webinar August 26 2021 RUs.pdf

Rhonda Farrell Oller
Do you have a message you want to share? Our team of experienced member leaders has over 1,000 hours of presentation ...

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