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Marie Lawton
2022 ASQ ASD Fall Newsletter.pdf
Marie Lawton Oct '22
Stephen Cassman
Click this discussion post for ASD Divisions LinkedIn Page be sure to follow and share with your colleagues:
Stephen Cassman Sep '22
Tim Armstrong
Hi Everyone, Tim Armstrong here! I did not find a new introduction page or link, so I figured I would introduce ...
Tim Armstrong Jul '22
Jerri Ji Jerri Ji Jul '22

@Tim Armstrong
Thank you and welcome to the Aviation, Space and Defense Division!

Amber Nielson
Hi, myself and a group of coworkers attended the CQSDI. It was mentioned that the presentations would all be made ...
Amber Nielson Mar '22

We are working out some technical difficulties. Presentations will be posted soon and should be available in the ...

Jerri Ji Jerri Ji Apr '22

Released presentations can be found at Click on the Resources ...

Marie Lawton
Hear from Jerri Ji our new ASD Chair! Inside this newsletter is also more information on the CQSDI conference March ...
Marie Lawton Feb '22
Janet Lentz
When a company is not meeting its financial goals, does that lead to improvement, or does it lead to cutting corners ...
Janet Lentz Oct '21
Alida Maxey
What is your company policy regarding material traceability? Does your company track lots, batches, etc. for ...
Alida Maxey Sep '21
Jerri Ji
Featured articles include message from ASD Chair, CQSDI update, Remote Control of Production and Supply Chain ...
Jerri Ji Mar '21
Jerri Ji
NASA Safety Center Webinar Series: The Path to SMA Success: Grow as a Leader by Applying Lessons Learned March 4, ...
Jerri Ji Feb '21
Leslie Huber
I have been tasked with writing an essay on height gauges to include (obviously) the invention of. The farthest ...
Leslie Huber Sep '20

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