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Steve Tucker
Hello everyone, Looking for different ideas and training material for developing a QA Inspector team. The ...
Steve Tucker Nov '19
Hi Steve -

Is this Steve Tucker from San Diego area?  If so, good to see you/talk to you.  Michael Howard formally ...
Hi Steve,
ASQ offers courses that might be helpful.  There is a "Fundamentals of Quality Inspection" and both CQI & ...
Ben Tomic
H. James Harrington Scholarship Recipients The ASQ Inspection Division is pleased to announce that it has issued ...
Ben Tomic May '21
Nicholas Cocchia
Hello Inspection Division Members, Just a reminder . . . Our Monthly Webinar will be tomorrow, Tuesday, April 13th ...
Mitchell Harmon
Hi Everyone, I work for a company that manufactures A/V equipment and I'm looking for QMS software that can help out ...
Mitchell Harmon Mar '21
Jon Lewis Jon Lewis May '21
SAP has a robust quality module for material inspection plans.
You might also consider ...


I am also looking software to implement the standards:

ISO 3951 / ANSI-ASQ Z1.9 / MIL-STD-414 - Sampling ...

    Jair Aldana
    The ASQ Greater Houston Section and Inspection Division are pleased to announce that they are jointly hosting a ...
    Jair Aldana Mar '22
    Jair Aldana
    Please visit our YouTube Inspection Division Channel where we post our past recorded webinars, conference ...
    Jair Aldana Jul '20
    Jair Aldana
    The fall season is nearly upon us, which means the annual Inspection Division Conference will soon be here. Our ...
    Jair Aldana Aug '21
    Dan Burrows
    Even though ASQ dropped having the A stand for “American”, I do believe that there are some American values that ...
    Dan Burrows Feb '20
    Jair Aldana
    Jair Aldana Aug '21
    Michael Howard
    Hi - Does anyone use 3D Structured Light to capture prototype or incoming material for inspection purposes? If so, ...
    Michael Howard Feb '20
    Sorry but I do not use a 3D Structured Light.  Good luck with your search.

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