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Sandy L. Furterer , PhD, MBA, is an associate professor and department chair in the Engineering Management, Systems and Technology Department at the University of Dayton. She holds ASQ certifications, which include the ASQ Certified Quality Manager/ Organizational Excellence, Certified Quality Engineer, and the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, ... more
Posted by Jerry Rice on Quality Management Division Aug 2, 2021 4:53 PM CDT
Announcing ASQConnEx We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new education delivery system and network-ASQConnEx! Based on more than two years of research, benchmarking, piloting, and VOC input, ASQConnEx has been designed to vet, designate, and connect quality subject matter experts with organizations to help advance their excellence ... more
Posted by David Woods on Quality Management Division Aug 2, 2021 11:36 AM CDT
The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) is an award established by the U.S. Congress in 1987 to raise awareness of quality management and recognize U.S. companies that have implemented successful quality management systems . The award is the nation's highest presidential honor for performance excellence . Learn more at: ... more
Posted by David Woods on Quality Management Division Jul 31, 2021 12:46 PM CDT
Description Excerpt From The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Handbook Legal factors relate to laws, the lawmaking process, and rules for litigation. Laws are established by city, county, province, state, or federal governments—and enforceable by threat of punishment. Understanding the legal requirements of the ... more
Posted by Bobby Wheeler on Quality Management Division Jul 23, 2021 3:58 PM CDT
Does your ASQ section or division need someone to speak on Quality Management principles? Would your organization benefit hearing from the experts? The Quality Management Division Speakers list can be used to find experts in your area... or a virtual program can be set up with anyone on the list. Canada British Columbia Dawn Ringrose - Consultant, ... more
Posted by Jerry Rice on Quality Management Division Jul 22, 2021 12:21 PM CDT