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What's Happening?

  • The Kalamazoo/Battle Creek ASQ Member Community Section #1003 is looking for survivors to bring this group back together in order to bring more value to its Members and your new section leadership team needs your help doing it (our opportunity)!   Our ASQ Community page has been activated and will be further updated following the results of the Voice of the Membership Survey.

What do you need to DO?

  • Engage with us so we know you are alive and well but also how we can help you get more of your ASQ Membership and this local professional quality-minded community through the Voice of the Membership Survey (click here).
  • Have you moved, changed jobs, or changed your email address? Help us keep you informed of [Division or Section] events and information by updating your contact information and email preferences at http://asq.org/. Log in and click “My Account” to update your membership record.
  • Please visit the ASQ Battle Creek/Kalamazoo community page - 

    *Please Note:  You will need to log into the platform before you’re directed to our community page.  Click the link then login to the platform with your ASQ ID/Password (the same ID/PW you use on http://asq.org).

What do you need to know?

  • As you can imagine, COVID19 safety and hygiene restrictions are preventing us from pulling some of the normal levers to get a group like this together to learn more from each other or validate signs of life on our "island", so we need to determine a reasonable alternative that aligns to your voice.
  • We will be contacting all of our Members in October 2020 via...
    • Phone
    • Direct Mail
    • Email
  • Goal: To get the word out of our mission in Oct. 2020 to breathe life back into this section so we have a localized nucleus of quality-minded
    professionals through the capture of the Voice of our Membership.

Have Questions/Concerns?

  • Send any of your Section Leadership some feedback at the following:
    • Larry Elwell (Treasurer) - lelwell@sections.asq.org
    • Shaun Chu (Secretary) - schu@sections.asq.org
    • Mark P. Broeckel (Chair) - mbroeckel@sections.asq.org
  • Post a discussion or comment on the MyASQ Community Page once you have logged in.
Posted by Mark Broeckel on Sep 25, 2020 4:08 PM America/Chicago


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