Minnesota Section 1203 Virtual Program Meeting on April 13, 2021: “Strategy and Tools for Transformation Leaders” by Tony Belilovskiy

“Strategy and Tools for Transformation Leaders”
This inspiring, thought-leading session shows you how to make complex transformation easier and the pace faster. Highlighted practitioner results are bigger and more sustainable than anything you have seen.
This fast-paced session introduces a new paradigm with an organized way to:
  • Connect strategy, daily work, and customer insight.
  • Define intangible knowledge work as concrete, measurable and repeatable.
  • Determine who “the customer” really is in every context and why it matters.
  • Inject existing initiatives with a strong customer bias, leveraging current practices.
  • Strengthen the four areas of performance most measurement systems miss.
  • Use new tools for outstanding results.

Tony Belilovskiy joined the C3 Excellence team following a very successful career in healthcare and business. His diverse expertise includes engineering in metallurgy, ballistics, licensed clinician, healthcare administration, auditor, healthcare consulting, and entrepreneurial business ownership. His experience ranges from clinical, healthcare administration, contract administration and negotiations, financial analysis, business and people management, systems implementations and mergers, data analysis, medical claims analysis, college and university course development, and varied projects that come with owning your own management consulting business.

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