Loucon 2021 - THE NEW QUALITY “YOU” 2123

Loucon 2021 - THE NEW QUALITY “YOU”

Be part of the exciting team to plan our annual Quality Conference: LOUCON 2021


When do we meet: Once a month during the summer and weekly in the fall

How long: For one hour on a virtual call

What must I do:

Each person will be have specific duties and work together as a team-

For the Track Chairs- Secure 3 speakers to present on topic that pertains to that category

And will be of interest and help develop our members

For the Tech Chair- Responsible Webex is functioning with each speaker’s presentations pre-loaded

For the Co-Chair- Assist where needed

To Help, Contact Rod Toro either by text or e-mail: 314-805-2999 or Rodtoro54@gmail.com

News St. Louis Section 1304 06/11/2021 12:31pm CDT


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