We're Back!!!

Welcome to ASQ Pittsburgh! We are back!! It has been a LONG hiatus, but we are back and ready for action to serve you! The pandemic and directives from ASQ Headquarters caused us to "take a step back," re-group and come out stronger than ever! We are here for you, our members, our customers! ASQ Pittsburgh section exists for YOU and we are here to serve!

We are proud to offer up a CONFERENCE again! September 2022 brings back the Pittsburgh conference with NEW changes! For the first time ever in Pittsburgh history, we are offering a HYBRID conference. Attendees will have the option of attending in person or virtually - whatever option works best for them. We need conference speakers! Earn RUs and give back to the profession. Make your voice heard! Share your passion! Let us hear what you have to say! Interested? Reach out to Cassie Jodon at cmjodon@gmail.com for more information.

With change comes growing pains. Our industry has changed significantly over the last 2 years. We are asking all our members, as well as anyone interested in the field, to volunteer your time to help us grow and meet our ever-changing needs. We need committee members, chairs, and officers filled to help us expand and spread the quality word. There's a place for everyone, no matter the skill level, experience, or interest. We offer RU's networking and a chance to have a voice in how our profession lives on! Any amount of time you can offer is appreciated whether is one hour a month or a week - there's a place for you. Reach out to Teresa Whitacre for details, tawcqt@aol.com or teresawhitacre24@gmail.com

New things on the horizon include new programs, dinner locations, and partnerships with other organizations. Any interested party is welcome to sit in on any leadership meeting to learn, help, or provide your thoughts. We as the leadership committee, are spending the summer months putting together new and exciting things for you! But, as Uncle Sam says, WE NEED YOU!

On behalf of the entire SLC, WE THANK YOU for your patience, support, and continued interested in ASQ Pittsburgh. We look forward to the exciting things we have in store for the second half of 2022.

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