Hadassah Mativetsky Received 2019 Paul Robert Award

April 30th, 2019
Below, Rob Neuberger, Past Section Chair, presents the award to Hadassah.

Hadassah Mativetsky Receives Paul Robert Award

Hadassah Mativetsky, Software Quality Engineer at Universal Instruments located in Conklin, New York was honored with the Paul Robert Award by the Binghamton Section of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) for her commitment to the local quality community. The award was given on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at Binghamton University in Vestal as part of the annual Quality Day Conference sponsored by the local sections of ASQ and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

“I fell in love with the quality and process improvement because it bridges so many artificial divides – by bringing together the big picture and small details, to balancing qualitative and quantitative approaches, to cutting across industries and educational backgrounds. The Quality discipline is a fabulous career path for lifelong learners; and ASQ, at both the international and local levels, creates a community for that learning,” says Mativetsky.

Mativetsky is the Program Chair for the ASQ Binghamton Section as well as a Member at Large for the
ASQ Software Division and the Social Responsibility Technical Community. Since becoming deeply involved in the Quality profession, she realized the need for students to become aware of opportunities in the quality related programs. As a result, she has spoken to students – from middle school through college – at more than a dozen events across four states.

“Hadassah’s energy and passion for the Quality profession and practices not only support; but, also invigorates the local section. Her involvement at the regional and national levels make her a role model for students interested in options for STEM careers,” says Christine Hannon, ASQ section Membership Chair and past Paul Robert Award recipient.

In 1947, Paul A. Robert founded a local group to preserve and propagate knowledge learned by the military during World War II. The group became the Binghamton section of the American Society for Quality. In keeping with the mission of the society… to share ideas and tools that make our world better… the Binghamton section launched the Paul A. Robert Award in honor of its founder. Since the award was initiated in 1965, it has been given to a local member of the community who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to supporting the Binghamton section as well as the local businesses and organizations in promoting product and service quality.

Posted by Punit Shetty on May 10, 2019 4:01 PM America/Chicago