ASQ Certifications: Call for Volunteers & Instructors

Binghamton University’s Watson School of Professional Development is developing courses to primarily prepare candidates for ASQ certification exams, and secondarily provide opportunities for certification maintenance. The objective is to record video lessons that learners may access at their convenience, as well as supplemental material such as white papers, references, exercises, quizzes, etc. There is a need for talent in the following categories.
Volunteers: these persons would oversee the development process to ensure the curriculum is in alignment with the certification body-of-knowledge (BOK), for each of 5 major categories. The ideal person would have at least one certification within the broader category, and as well possess high familiarity with ASQ and the certification process.
  • Management (CMQ/OE, CSQP)
  • Foundational Quality (CQIA, CQPA)
  • Inspector/Technician (CCT, CQI, CQT)
  • Engineering (CQE, CRE, CSQE)
  • Auditing (CMDA, CFSQA, CPGP, CQA)
(Note: BU offers their own Six Sigma programs)
Instructors: these persons would be responsible for creating instructional content to cover the sub-topics within each certification. There are 83 subtopics within the 14 certifications listed above, however, there is overlap. The intent is to find opportunities to support a modular approach, whereby the material would apply to multiple certifications. This will require balancing the desire for efficiency versus the need to adequately cover a specific certification’s BOK. The instructors would be partnering with the volunteers in this effort.
Instructors do not necessarily need to hold any ASQ certifications; rather they should be subject matter experts (SME’s) for their topic of choice (e.g. teamwork). They should have demonstrated success in instructional design and presentation skills. Compensation TBD.
Qualified individuals may  contact Michael D. Ford at  expressing their interest and sharing their background/qualifications.
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