ASQ Section 1515 Officers For Year 2021 - COMPLETED! See the Leadership list under files.

Hello1515 Members,

Please find attached for your information Call for Nomination for ASQ Section 1515 Officers for year 2021.

Nominations are open from now until November 29, 2020.

Please note that nominations from the section membership must be accompanied by a minimum of nine signatories with ASQ member number.

Individuals nominated must be in “good standing” as an ASQ Member.

Submitted nominations with signatory list should be sent to .

The nominees will be declared at the next general meeting, or leadership meeting with invitations to the general membership. If none are submitted, the officers will be declared at the next meeting.

Here below is a brief description of each position that is open for nominations. Each of these positions is for a one year term.

The Chair provides leadership and oversight to the member unit, prepares meeting agendas, and is the presiding officer.

The Secretary documents member unit business and maintain the records. This position serves as the official correspondent of the member unit.

The Treasurer oversees funds, maintains accurate financial records, and reports on financial condition as directed by the Society bylaws and policies and procedures.
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