Your 2021 ASQ Charleston Section 1122 New Member Leaders!

At our October General Membership Meeting the following ASQ Members were announced as your 2021 ASQ Charleston Section 1122 Member Leaders!  We are excited about the coming new year for our Section as we plan on having an AWESOME Program for our Charleston Members.  We even plan on bringing back our Lowcountry Quality Conference in October of 2021!  Please contact your 2021 Chair, Karl Krull, at if you are interested in a Member Leader position for 2021.

Chair:                     Karl Krull
Vice Chair:             John Oldham
Secretary:              Jerry Wade
Treasurer:              Brian Gray
Audit Chair:            Dawn Caullwine
Nominating Chair:  Chris Teerman
Membership Chair: Rachel Kneifel
News Charleston Section 10/29/2020 9:30pm CDT


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