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Chair's Message

I walked out of my hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, this week and was greeted by some very chilly air. As I briskly walked to my rental car, I asked myself how I wound up freezing in Texas. As an experienced traveler and quality professional, I have a well-honed travel planning process that even includes the use of a checklist. So where did my planning process fail? A quick 5 Whys analysis identified the root cause—I made a bad decision and didn’t plan for the unexpected. I distinctly remembered checking the weather when packing and making a “management” decision that a heavy coat was not needed. A contributing factor was the unexpected cold weather that came through. The corrective action is clear in this situation and will be applied for my trip next week. The questions I need to ask are “How do I apply this lesson learned to other aspects of my life?” and “How do I apply this to QMD?” In the fall Forum, Jerry Rice shared the results of our 2020 strategic planning session with all of you. Your amazing QMD Council is currently executing that plan. I have been reviewing the plan to see if there are any areas that are at risk of being affected by unexpected events/circumstances or bad decisions and working on mitigating those risks.

The QMD Council needs your help in getting our membership more engaged with myASQ. As you are no doubt aware, myASQ is a centralized online community providing timely, relevant, and customizable engagement for ASQ members and quality professionals around the globe. It is an excellent way to stay connected with fellow QMD members; keep apprised of all of the upcoming QMD activities such as webinars, publications, and WCQI activities; benchmark with other members; initiate or join conversations on a variety of quality-related topics; and much more. I have had a few instances where I used myASQ to pose a question and got great feedback from other quality professionals. The QMD Council has been trying to encourage all of our members to use myASQ to stay connected. Please support us by telling your colleagues to check out myASQ today.

I am very excited to be the new chair for QMD. Jerry Rice leaves some big shoes to fill—many thanks to him for everything he did for QMD and ASQ as a whole during his tenure as chair. I am really looking forward to what lies ahead over the next two years and to serving the members of the Quality Management Division.

Best Regards,
Peggy Milz,
Chair, ASQ Quality Management Division
News Quality Management Division 05/01/2020 6:05pm CDT