The Spring Edition 2020 Of The Quality Management Forum Is Now Available! 990

The Spring Edition 2020 Of The Quality Management Forum Is Now Available!

Welcome to the Spring 2020 issue of QMF. This is our first ever completely electronic QMD Forum. The issue includes three articles across the spectrum of quality management topics.
  • “Simulation Modeling: Understanding Uncertainty Leads to Better Decision Making,” by Mark Sidote, details the modeling tool called Monte Carlo simulation that helps to understand and quantify uncertainty in outcomes. The tool can help reduce risk and facilitate better business decisions. The second article,
  • “SBAR for Leadership Communication in Health Care and Other Industries,” by Kelly L. Podgorny, draws from a tool called SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) that has its origins in the American military from the 1940s. The tool helps provide essential, concise information, usually during crucial situations. The author provides a healthcare example application of the SBAR tool.
  • “A Fiasco in Learning: Outcomes-Based Education in South African Corporate Risk Management Training,” by Vittorio Andrea Bollo, describes the challenges to Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) in a South African organization. The case study draws from the author’s perspective of his experience during training interventions in the occupational risk management field at the corporate level in South Africa, with a specific emphasis on OBE.
We also have an inaugural message from our new QMD chair, Peggy Milz. We have the abstracts of the articles that are being published in the latest issue of the ASQ Quality Management Journal. Finally, we have a book review by Ken Jurgensmeyer, who evaluates Managing and Leading Organizational Change by Mark Hughes.

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