Grace Duffy - State Of The Profession Quality Report

State of the Profession Quality Report - Quality Magazine Webinar
5/26/2020, 2:00 PM EDT, 30 minutes

The survey identifies trends in employees’ compensation, work hours and job constraints; overall job satisfaction; improvements to quality operations; and provide a demographic profile of industry professionals. Sign up now to see if your experience in the quality field mirrors that of your colleagues. Quality expert Grace Duffy will add her perspective on the industry.

Attend to learn:

The industry’s approach to recruiting and the next generation of quality professionals
  • How companies are approaching their quality staff and training
  • The technologies companies are acquiring and deploying
  • Quality professionals top 5 concerns about their job and the future of the industry
Grace has over 40 years’ experience in successful business and process management in corporate, government, education, and healthcare. Grace uses her experience as President, CEO and senior manager to help organizations improve. She has authored 15 texts, additional book chapters, and many articles on quality, leadership and organizational performance. She is a frequent speaker and trainer. Grace holds an MBA from Georgia State University. She is an ASQ CMQ/OE, CQIA, SSGB, and CQA. Grace is a LSS Master Black Belt, ASQ Fellow and Distinguished Service Medalist. Grace is the 2014 Quality Magazine Quality Person of the year and the 2016 recipient of the Asia-Pacific Quality Organization Miflora M. Gatchalian International Woman in Quality Medal.

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