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Jerry Rice
In this message, I would like to highlight one of the Quality Management Division Technical Committees. Our Standards and Compliance Technical Committee led by Denise Robitaille has put in considerable time and effort to develop a new ASQ Technical Report on the Cost of Quality. The Quality Management Division is proud to sponsor this report.

This Technical Report was prepared to address the need for guidance on Cost of Quality for development, implementation and monitoring to improve quality and overall organizational performance. This guidance is either in the context of an established management system (e.g., quality, environmental, occupational health and safety, etc.) or as an independent management activity. In either case, this document provides expectations for the processes and activities associated with the products and services an organization produces or provides to the extent realization processes have been deemed necessary. The Cost of Quality process employed should be compatible with other associated financial analysis activities used by the organization to ensure continuity and commonality of purpose.

ASQ TR2:2018: Cost of Quality: Guidelines for development, implementation and monitoring to improve quality and performance

To put a historical perspective on our COQ standards efforts I have reached back in the archives. The document attached below goes back to 1977 when we were known as the Administrative Applications Division (AAD). As you can see, our involvement with quality costs concepts goes back decades.

Denise’s team has done some outstanding work to establish commonly accepted activities for a Cost of Quality process that can be employed by most organizations. The success of the QMD Technical Committee model in driving content is being expanded to Content Management Committees to ensure we are considering the entire Quality Management Body of Knowledge when providing content to our members. You will hear more about the efforts of our Technical Committees and our newly formed content management committees as the year progresses. On behalf of the QMD Leadership team, I would like to thank Denise and her team for the time and effort to develop this standard.

Jerry Rice
ASQ Quality Management Division
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Posted by Jerry Rice on May 18, 2018 12:39 PM America/Chicago