QMD Watson Webinar Series: Managing For Quality

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About Dr. Gregory H. Watson

Dr. Watson has degrees in management, law, and industrial engineering. He is an 18-year ASQ Fellow and past-Chair (2000). He received the ASQ Distinguished Service Medal plus Lancaster, Crosby, and Ishikawa medals. He has been named an Honorary Member by seventeen national quality associations.

Dr. Watson delivered speeches to 20+ ASQ national and divisional conferences (twice for QMD). A former quality executive with Hewlett-Packard, Compaq Computer, and Xerox and he has coached executives in quality transformations at Nokia Mobile Phones (1993-99); Toshiba (1999-2001); ExxonMobil (2001-02); and over 20 other companies.

He is the only Westerner to be awarded a Deming Medal by JUSE – the W. Edwards Deming Award for Dissemination and Promotion (Overseas) in 2009.
This is a series of 18 Webinars that ran from January 2020 through May 2021. Do you want to know how to coach business leaders in making better decisions, interpreting operational data, and applying quality as the means to improve organizational performance? Is it your personal responsibility to formulate or lead quality activities in your company? This lecture series by Dr. Gregory H. Watson is intended to help the organization-wide leader of the quality function improve their capacity to advise executives in the important matter of making decisions to enhance overall quality.

These webinars are for you if you are:
  • Quality Executive: Chief Quality Officer, Vice President or Director of Quality or any business-responsible Quality Manager
  • Business Excellence or Operational Excellence Leader
  • Master Black Belt or Experienced Black Belt

Learn more about the webinars in the series by clicking the links below:

#1: Making Quality-based Executive Decisions (Video Recording) - 54 minutes
#2: Leading Transformation – Managing Improvement (Video Recording) - 48 minutes
#3: Designing Quality as an Inclusive Business System (Video Recording) - 55 minutes
#4: Strategy Inquiry, Formulation, and Deployment (Video Recording) - 55 minutes
#5 Understanding Japanese-style Strategy Management (Video Recording) (Audio Only Recording) - 57 minutes
#6: Organizational Learning – Triple-loop Experience (Video Recording) (Audio Only Recording) - 57 minutes
#7: Managerial Engineering – Designing Future Firms (Video Recording) - 59 minutes
#8: Understanding the Financial Component of Quality (Video Recording) - 61 minutes
#9: Strategic Reflections on Kano’s Attractive Quality (Video Recording) - 55 minutes
#10: Insights into the Essence of Operational Excellence (Video Recording) - 62 minutes
#11: Defining Quality to Apply to Everyone, Everywhere (Video Recording) - 55 minutes
#12: Managing for Quality Amidst Digital Turbulence (Video Recording) - 59 minutes

#13: Quality as an Environmental Mandate (Video Recording) - 60 minutes
#14: Quality as an Economic Imperative (Video Recording) - 57 minutes
#15: Quality as a Social Responsibility (Video Recording) - 53 minutes
#16: Quality as a Human Right - (Video Recording) - 60 minutes
#17: Quality as a Political Policy - (Video Recording) - 53 Minutes
#18: Quality for our Manifest Destiny - (Video Recording) - 53 Minutes
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