Fall 2019 Quality Management Forum

Fall 2019 Quality Management Forum
The Fall 2019 edition of the Quality Management Forum is now available on MyASQ. Articles in this edition include:

Best Practices for E-Learning and ADDIE
By Vic Passion Bouhalkoum

You have been tasked with training a large number of employees on a new quality management software tool. Your manager suggests that, due to the number of learners and the fact that they are dispersed over three continents, e-learning would be a good format, at least for the conceptual part of the training. You just finished taking a companywide e-learning session on sexual harassment, which you found to be accessible, engaging, and informative. You especially appreciated the fact that you could complete it whenever and wherever you wanted. And you agree that your topic would work well in an e-learning format. But you have never created an e-learning before. So where do you start?

The Industrial Agile Framework™:
Iterations as the Beating Heart in a Lean-Agile Industrial Environment
By Peter Borsella & Hubert Smits

Scrum is best known as a superior framework for delivering software. It may appear that Scrum is rarely used elsewhere, but the future looks different. At Big Orange Square, we bring our 30 years of Scrum and Agile experience to a new domain — industry, where Lean practices, Six Sigma analysis, and decades of experience are established ways to deliver products. A sad point: few industrial organizations get their products to market on time, if at all. Or, they do so very slowly and with many problems. The Tesla saga is a well-known example.

The Hidden Tools of Lean Six Sigma—Part 1
By Amarpreet Bhamra

The Lean Six Sigma (LSS) toolkit comprises a multitude of tools that are leveraged by the belt ractitioners (Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt) to drive improvements in enterprises. In current practice some of the tools have become very popular in terms of trying to solve business problems. For example, tools such as Brainstorming, Pareto, 5 Whys, Normality Test, Linear Regression, Box Plots, Capability Analysis, Histograms, Run Charts, and Control Charts are frequently used across enterprises for improving business processes.

Interestingly, there are other valuable tools available in the Lean Six Sigma toolkit for the benefit of practitioners. In my experience these are largely hidden or less spoken of, which reflects upon the current levels of awareness of the practitioners. A second dimension could be that the widely-used tools have been positioned by the practitioners as the mainstream in organizations across the globe. The purpose of this paper is to bring these hidden tools to the forefront and to describe how they could be of benefit to the practitioners and the enterprises.

Book Review – By Ken Jurgensmeyer
Learning to Love Data Science,
by Mike Barlow 2015. Sebastopol, CA. O’Reilly Media. 138 pages.

With domestic and global competition ever increasing, firms are looking to utilize data to drive results in revenue growth and in managing costs. Mike Barlow’s book, Learning to Love Data Science, addresses numerous aspects of data science by exploring the collection of data, predictive and preventative analytics, data security, big data use and storage, and the role of the CIO.

Coach’s Corner with J.R. McGee
Deployment Strategies: Part 1

This column is the first of two describing deployment strategies that can enhance the ability of teams to successfully implement change in organizations. As a Master Black Belt Sensei who has trained and certified 73 other Master Black Belts and worked in dozens of businesses and organizations around the world, I have learned a lot about how to implement significant change both culturally and organizationally. Because Lean Six Sigma is one of the largest and most-implemented change initiatives of the last 20 years, I’m going to use several aspects of that methodology as an example in this paper so you can see the application. I’ve learned many lessons through all of this, and some have been harder
than others…

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