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The Quality Management Division of ASQ held its annual business planning and budget meeting in Milwaukee on August 23 and 24. The goal at the end of these two days was to have our 2020 objectives drafted along with a business plan to support them. The meeting started out welcoming the QMD leadership team. Peggy Milz went over the agenda. I reminded everyone to not lose sight of why we were there and check each other if we start taking ourselves too seriously. I also sneaked in some of our MyASQ strategy. We spent the rest of the morning on Friday gathering planning inputs.


Bill Troy, the ASQ CEO, spoke about ASQ Strategy and Deployment through the Technical Communities. He did a great job of clarifying ASQ strategic goals and areas where we can contribute.


Jim Templin, Executive Director – Individual Membership Solutions at ASQ, spoke about:

  • New Membership Model
  • Current Membership Trends
  • Future Initiatives Related to Membership and Marketing

Catherine Johannes, Segment Manager at ASQ, spoke about the following topics:

  • MyASQ Update
  • ASQ Information Technology Update
  • QBoK Update
  • Intellectual Property Update

On Friday afternoon, Peggy Milz led the group through an overview of the 2019 objectives and Karen Abrosic-Tolf updated us on current division finances. We are on track with our 2019 objectives. There were some outstanding expenses, but overall, we are tracking slightly ahead of budget.  


The team then turned our attention to planning for next year starting with a SWOT analysis. We put the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats into affinity groups then began drafting 2020 objectives. The highlights of the 2020 objectives are:

Drive Thought Leadership in Excellence Through Quality.

  • Tap the QMD Content Management Committees to deliver 12 content rich eBlasts to our members during the year
  • Develop 4 video vignettes for distribution to our members.
  • Conduct a gap analysis between the quality management Body of Knowledge and current QMD content.

Deliver New Tailored Solutions to More Organizational Members and Customers.

  • Provide at least two QMD member leaders to support ASQ Headquarters staff with organizational member and customer development

Improve the Individual Member Experience.

  • Investigate options for digitizing the Quality Management Forum and sharing it in more engaging ways (e.g., via myASQ)
  • Create an ASQ-wide model for NextGen. Define processes, activities, and roles.
  • Create and Deliver "How to Improve your QMD Member Experience Using myASQ" Training
  • Sponsor a NextGen Event at WCQI in Columbus
  • Develop and Implement myASQ member engagement "Schedule" where all QMD member leaders participate in discussions

Institute Best Practices in Governance, Operations and Risk Management.

  • Establish and Maintain a Calendar of Deliverables (e.g., Webinars, Forums, eBlasts, etc.)
  • Develop and Implement a VoC Strategy. Elevate the VoC position to a leadership council position
  • Develop and Implement Member Leader Support Processes Identified for the VC Member Leaders (e.g., orientation/on-boarding training, succession planning, awards and recognition, etc.)
  • Research and select an excellence model for QMD governance. Assess Our Current State vs. the excellence model
  • Establish and Implement a Content Delivery Process (i.e., how CMC members get their content delivered - Forum, eBlasts, webinars, MyASQ, etc.)
  • Develop and Implement a Records Retention Process that Incorporates the 2 QMD SharePoint Sites

There were other objectives involving World Conference on Quality and Improvement. The team decided to support our NextGen initiatives for one more year with the focus to document what has worked for us and define some processes around students and young professionals. The QMD Global Initiatives will be discontinued for 2020. QMD will utilize existing GCC resources to act as liaison between QMD leadership and our members outside the USA and Canada.

The QMD leadership team is still working with our segment leadership to finalize the business plan. We look forward to working with the People and Service Resources Segment leadership to coordinate our efforts with other ASQ technical communities within our technical community segment.



Jerry Rice


ASQ Quality Management Division

Posted by Jerry Rice on Sep 24, 2019 8:00 PM America/Chicago