The Summer 2022 Quality Management Forum Is Here!

Sandy L. Furterer, PhD, MBA, has moved to The Ohio State University as a Professor of Practice in the Department of Integrated Systems Engineering and is also supporting the curriculum development in the Engineering Technology program at OSU. She holds ASQ certifications including the ASQ Certified Quality Manager / Organizational Excellence, Certified Quality Engineer, and the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and is an ASQ Fellow. She is also a Certified Master Black Belt (by the Harrington Institute, Inc.).

Sandy now resides both in Columbus with her son, and in Dayton, with her husband Dan, and their pets, Demi, Lily, Louis, Bella, and a new friend for both Louis and Bella, Diamond, another rescue whom we fostered with her four kittens. We also have a grandkitten addition, Emerald, who was one of Diamond’s kittens, along with our other grandkittens, Thalia, Sasha, and Anya. You can contact Sandy at
Editor’s Notes | Sandy L. Furterer

Welcome to the Summer/Fall 2022 issue of QMF. I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer, even if it most likely sped by, like when you’re on a plane from Columbus to Chicago and think that you made it there in five minutes, even though it was actually an hour and five minutes due to the time change!

In this issue, we have some great articles, with interesting and applicable ideas that we can apply in our work and professional lives. Of our three featured articles, the first, “Building Trust, Communication, and Respect at Work: How to Thrive in a Multi-Generational Environment,” by Douglas Wood and Zac Jarrard, describes the six different generations that work in our organizations. They provide some lessons learned to build trust, effective communication, and respect, along with some future multi-generational trends. The second article, “Effective Meetings: How Can We Get There,” by Alexander Kholodov, provides ideas for making meetings more effective, something that all of our organizations can certainly use. Our third article, “A System of Profound Knowledge: My Evening with Dr. Deming,” by Ron Sedlock, provides insight into how you can use Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge to customize your quality management system for your organization’s needs.

We also have our QMD chair, Denis DeVos’s Chair’s Message. Denis provides updates on the division’s strategic planning meeting that we held recently in Milwaukee. Finally, we are once again blessed with a Coach’s Corner, the follow-up to our last issue’s column, “Navigating a Successful Path in Life Part 2,” by J.R. McGee, who once again provides powerful and thought-provoking insights for us to apply to our careers and lives about accountability and discipline to achieve our commitments and goals.

As always, please feel free to provide feedback on this issue of the Forum, as well as any ideas for enhancing QMD publications for our division. I can be reached at

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