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Each industrial revolution has brought forth innovation and new ways of doing business. The first industrial revolution saw the emergence of manufacturing. Then the second industrial revolution took this a step further with advances in “the production line and mass manufacturing” which “drastically reduced the cost of consumer and industrial products” (Jacob, 2017). The third industrial revolution brought digital technology and the internet. Currently, we are living during a time of the fourth industrial revolution where industries are moving “toward automating and digitizing production systems” using technology (Quality Gurus Inc, 2022). Figure 1 shown below gives an overview of the four industrial revolutions.

Figure 1: Overview of Four Industrial Revolutions (Theeleader, 2017)


Defining Quality 4.0

Quality 4.0 is the next step in quality following the progress made in the fourth industrial revolution. It refers to “a new way for quality professionals to manage quality with the digital tools available today and understanding how to apply them and achieve excellence through quality” (American Society for Quality, 2022). This affects all aspects of an organization, including people, process, and technology. People are the associates or employees who work in an organization, and this includes elements such as teamwork, leadership, and workplace culture. Process involves the tasks to create a product or service which includes compliance, systems, and analytics. Technology is the machines that people use to execute a process and consists of data, connectivity, and software development. Figure 2 highlights how people, process, and technology interact together in Quality 4.0.

Figure 2: Key Aspects of Quality 4.0 (Juran, 2019)


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Overview of Quality 4.0 by ASQ:


Quality Management Division Webinar Series on Quality by Dr. Gregory Watson: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCUua3A4lkQlxAiK5dbK0tkGvSQf9ZmCA


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