The Spring 2019 Quality Management Forum

Spring 2019 Quality Management Forum
The Spring 2019 Quality Management Forum is available for download. This issue’s articles include:

Strategy Execution: A Balanced Approach to Driving  Results in Healthcare By Mark Sidote
  • With the advent of value-based care and the shift in patient payment responsibility, today more than ever, healthcare organizations are taking a closer look at their own financial health.
  • To ensure good financial performance, organizations must focus on the drivers or inputs to critical financial metrics in order to prevent issues from occurring.
  • Understanding the critical relationships between objectives and associated metrics can provide leading insight into future financial performance.
Is Configuration Management Really that Important? By Jacqueline L. Shipwash
Configuration management (CM) is one of the most significant contributors to the effective implementation of an organization’s quality management system (QMS). CM is a system that applies technical and administrative direction over the life cycle of a process and its components. As such, this system provides traceability through identification of these components and monitoring of changes. To understand the benefits of CM, this article explains its role in an organization and discusses five general functional areas of CM: protection, modification, operation, maintenance, and testing.

Smart Police Station,  Dubai Police-UAE: Case Study By: Jorge J. Román, PhD
Over the past decade, formal quality management initiatives, such as the Business Excellence Framework (BEF), benchmarking, Total Quality Management (TQM), quality certification, and quality awards have been applied to all kinds of organizations—public and private. The principles of TQM, such as business excellence frameworks, have been adopted across the world by organizations aiming to achieve competitive advantage by improving their quality of service, reducing operational costs, and promoting the interests of all stakeholders (Douglas & Judge, 2001).

In this issue the Chair’s Message provides an overview of 2018 and looks at what the Quality Management Division plans to accomplish in 2019.

The Quality Management Journal Preview highlights articles in the upcoming issue:
  • Analytical Modeling of Supply Chain Quality Management Coordination and Integration: A Literature Review
  • CSR Discourse: A Factor Affecting the Success of France’s SMEs?
  • A Review of the Six Sigma Belt System for Manufacturing Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Dan Zalewski provides a book review on Process Improvement Using Data by Kevin Dunn

We reprise the Best of Coaches Corner with J.R. McGee on Supporting my Team!

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