Message From The Quality Management Division Chair

Jerry Rice
Chair - Quality Management Division 2018-2019
It’s that time of year again when the Quality Management Division of ASQ looks back on the previous year to revel in our accomplishments and looks forward to the next year with excited anticipation. Let’s get to it.

How did we do?

The Quality Management Division (QMD) made it through a challenging 2018. We started out the year with a great deal of uncertainty surrounding “ASQ transformation”. How would our already developed business plan fit with the changes? How do we adapt to a new operating environment?

I’m pleased to say our team was up for the challenge. We were able to complete almost all our objectives and come in under budget for the year. The QMD membership numbers held relatively steady throughout the year. No small feat considering the additional burden of ensuring we understood the major organizational changes ahead.

We had another strong year publishing our peer reviewed quarterly journal, the Quality Management Forum, led by Dr. Sandy Furterer. We collaborated with other ASQ member units on several educational webinars put on by Doug Wood’s education team. Stephanie Thompson’s team continued our outreach to students and young professionals while Prashant Hoskote and Denis Devos led our global outreach efforts. Michael Hirt represented QMD on the team reviewing Technical Community Council (TCC) operational documents. Bill Hackett and team made sure we were well represented at various conferences and events. Ellen Quinn kept us stocked with plenty of cool QMD swag. She also made sure we were looking good in our QMD polos as well as stepping up on many other projects. We were able to tap into our bench for a much needed Ebased Initiatives leader. Kurt Stuke is now leading our MyASQ community development efforts.

Did I mention we came in under budget? As our treasurer, Karen Ambrosic-Tolf really cracked the whip. She kept us within our fiscal guardrails. Nothing got past her. Karen had the added task of setting us up for MyASQ Finance which I’ll address later. Our strategic planning session led by Chair-Elect, Peggy Milz, went smoother than fresh jar of Skippy. If you know our group… keeping us focused isn’t easy. She did a good job distilling our objectives down to their essence. The whole process was almost painless. As QMD Secretary, Sandy Low was once again charged with trying to document all the stuff we did during the year.

Strategic focus areas for 2018 included operationalizing the Quality Management Body of Knowledge, recruiting 7 Content Management Committees, launching the Quality Management Community here on MyASQ, and we finished off the year preparing to launch MyASQ Finance.

What’s in store for 2019?

I’m glad you asked. We are going into 2019 with much less uncertainty. While you could say a big portion of our 2019 strategy is to scale back our operations to our core mission of developing, curating, and delivering knowledge on quality management principles, we have over twice the number of member leader volunteers to help us do it.

Most of the volunteer member leader growth in 2019 comes in the form of 7 Content Management Committees (CMC’s) that were chartered to manage all QMD content to our portion of the Quality Body of Knowledge (QBoK). We are developing thought leadership specific to the 7 topic areas of quality management. I liken these teams to our quality management “rock stars”. The rest of QMD leadership will be organized around supporting these teams of subject matter experts.

We are providing even more focus on the CMC teams in 2019. We have a CMC leadership face to face meeting set up for the weekend before the World Conference on Quality and Improvement. We also asked each of the 7 CMC leaders to schedule a face to face meeting with their team. The goal this year is to define the interfaces between the CMC’s and the teams that support them such as Conferences, Print Initiatives, Ebased and Education. In other words, we will be developing the pipeline between our thought leaders and our knowledge distribution channels.

We anticipate major growth here on MyASQ in 2019 as more member units begin taking advantage of this platform. We did our best to position ourselves for this growth in 2018, but with the addition of Kurt Stuke, we should be able to really organize content and discussion in the QMD community. We will also solicit more MyASQ participation from the QMD member leader and CMC teams.

Our division was in wave 1 of the MyASQ Finance rollout in January. We have started using the software for managing our finances against budget. There are several improvements that need to be made to the software, but overall it is working better than the financial management tools we had. It’s a step in the right direction. Our team will continue to work with the MyASQ Finance team to support future improvements to member unit financial management.

QMD will not be cutting checks to “sponsor” conferences as we have in the past. The Quality Management Division did not budget for monetary sponsorships. We instead budgeted to send speakers and presenters to various conferences. We want to get our rock stars in front of their audience. Bill Hackett’s team is coordinating this effort.

As part of our desire bring our focus back to our core mission, we are going to “spin off” our NextGen Student and Young Professionals initiative and our Global Outreach Initiative to their own member communities serving all ASQ. Both initiatives would be better positioned to make a difference if they are supported by all ASQ and not just one division.

One of the most important things we have in 2019 is selecting a new leadership team for the next two-year term starting in January 2020. We will be defining the process for nominations and elections taking any transformation changes into consideration.

Preparing something like this message is always difficult. What should be included? What shouldn’t? I tried to hit the highlights. There are just over 80 active volunteer member leaders (and growing) in the ASQ Quality Management Division from across the world. Each plays an important role in delivering something of value to each of our 20,000 plus members. There is so much going on that I cannot possibly deliver all of it in a brief message. Hopefully we will be able to highlight all our achievements throughout the year here in our MyASQ community.

That brings me to a closing request. If there is one thing YOU, yes you, can do to become more engaged with the ASQ Quality Management Division, it would be explore what we have to offer here on MyASQ. You can tailor your experience to your liking. Participate in discussions… ask questions. Tell us want you want to see. The more peer to peer interaction we engage in, the better we can serve you. That’s really what we are all about.

All the best,

Jerry Rice
ASQ Quality Management Division
Posted by Jerry Rice on Mar 12, 2019 8:22 PM America/Chicago