The Summer 2021 Quality Management Forum Is Here!

Sandy L. Furterer, PhD, MBA, is an associate professor and department chair in the Engineering Management, Systems and Technology Department at the University of Dayton. She holds ASQ certifications, which include the ASQ Certified Quality Manager/ Organizational Excellence, Certified Quality Engineer, and the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and is an ASQ Fellow. She is a Certified Master Black Belt by the Harrington Institute, Inc. Furterer resides in her home state of Ohio, near Dayton, with her husband Dan, three children, and their pets, Gypsy, a calico cat; Demi, their Beagle-Jack Russell Terrier rescue dog; the slightly crazy Lily, their hound-lab rescue dog; and an orange tabby cat, Louis, recently rescued. Her grand kittens, Sasha and Katia have also been visiting quite a bit this summer. Contact her at sfurterer1@
Editor’s Notes | Sandy L. Furterer

Welcome to the Summer 2021 issue of QMF. I hope you are all doing well. This issue is a special one focusing on operational excellence and training. The first article is “Global Assessment on the Current State of Organizational Excellence” by Dawn Ringrose. The author provides a high-level overview of the inaugural global research study highlighting the current state of excellence in organizations around the world. The second article, “Quality Management and Leadership in the New Abnormal - Recognizing and Guarding Against the Cognitive Bias” by Nancy Nouaimeh, discusses cognitive biases and how they can impact the ability to make effective quality decisions. Our third article, “Teaching Quality and Excellence Subjects with Quality, Excellence and Adult Distance-Learning Values, Principles, Methodologies, and Tools,” is by Annabella Palladas. She describes how to use the PDCA/PIER cycles as a framework for deploying quality training.

We also have the Chair’s Message from our QMD chair, Peggy Milz. Peggy provides updates on our goals and the progress the QMD has made through the first half of the year, despite still being impacted by the pandemic. We have a book review by Dan Zrymiak of Review of Foundations of Quality Risk Management: A Practical Approach to Effective Risk Based Thinking by Jayet Moon. This book is an accessible reference with multiple citations from credible sources and standards, outlining the application of quality risk management toward current societal and organizational issues.

We also have a list of the Quality Management Journal’s articles for its next issue. We have a special feature called Quick Learning, which provides a short refresher of a quality concept or tool within the CMQ/OE Body of Knowledge that can be used as a refresher or introduction for quick learning. Unfortunately, J. R. McGee was not able to provide a Coach’s Corner for this quarter’s Forum. We miss his insights and vast knowledge in this issue.

As always, please feel free to provide feedback on this issue of the Forum, especially regarding our new Quick Learning feature, as well as any ideas for enhancing QMD publications for our division. I can be reached at

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