Message From The Chair

Jerry Rice
Chair - Quality Management Division 2018-2019

The Quality Management Division leadership is busy determining how we move forward with ASQ transformation. We are reviewing the most recent information available to understand how our membership may be affected.  There are some aspects we like, aspects we don’t like, and other aspects we just don’t know enough about. The changes are significant. We will do our best to ensure member needs are served as changes are rolled out. The QMD leadership’s positions on the various aspects of the transformation plan will be made available along with our rationale once our positions are developed.


One of the QMD organizational changes is to focus more on content management. We have formed Content Management Committees to cover 4 out the 7 sections of Quality Management Body of Knowledge. Thought leaders for the other 3 are being recruited.  We are looking for volunteers to fill our Leadership CMC, Customer Focused Organizations CMC, and Supply Chain Management CMC. 


We have a great team working with ASQ to launch the MyASQ platform for QMD. Early demonstrations show promise. ASQ will become a personalized one stop shop for all things quality. You will be able to use the Quality Management Community to find curated knowledge including articles, papers, links, and recorded webinars related to the Quality Management Body of Knowledge. You can have conversations with other quality management professionals in our online community. The MyASQ platform including a Quality Management Division community will be kicked off at the World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Seattle.


Our team is working through the year to organize in a way that best serves members and takes advantage of ASQ’s transformation strategy. There is no doubt some exciting changes lie ahead for our leadership team and members alike with many unknowns. Again, I ask for your patience and understanding as we work to better serve you.


Best regards,


Jerry Rice


ASQ - Quality Management Division

Posted by Cynthia Nazario on Mar 30, 2018 9:01 AM America/Chicago