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II Strategic Plan Development and Deployment

II.A Strategic Planning Models

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II.B Business Envoronment Analysis

II.B.1 SWOT Analysis

II.B.2 Market Forces

2018. Beth Branning. The Call: The Strategic Plan That Empowered San Diego Zoo Global To Lead The Fight Against Extinction. San Diego Zoo Global Press 2018. ISBNs 978-1-935442-72-1 (hardcover). 978-1-935-442-73-8 (softcover)
Current. Demand Driven Performance Download page (Associated with IMA): http://demanddrivenperformance.com/downloads/
2006, JA/FE. Article 5. Jean Cunningham. Pricing Custom Products without a Standard Cost System

II.B.3 Stakeholder Analysis

Article 2 (Becoming Demand Driven) direct link: http://www.imanet.org/PDFs/Public/SF/2013_11/11_2013_smith.pdf
Article 3 (Staying Demand Driven) direct link: http://demanddrivenperformance.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/StayingDemandDriven.pdf

II.B.4 Technology

2007, Vol 23, #4. Measurement Conundrums

II.B.5 Internal Capability Analysis

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II.B.6 Legal & Regulatory Factors

II.C Strategic Plan Deployment

II.C.1 Tactical Plans

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​​​​​​1990, “Competing Against Time”, George Salk, Jr, and Thomas M. Hout. Available as free e-book at http://www.greeneebookshop.com/competing-against-time-how-time-based/

II.C.2 Resource Allocation and Deployment

II.C.3 Organizational Performance Measurement

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II.C.4 Quality in Strategic Deployment

2013. QP: Sandford Liebesman, “Missing Link, the Case for Connecting the Quality and Finance Departments,” October Article 1 (What’s Wrong with Supply Chain Metrics?) direct link: http://www.imanet.org/PDFs/Public/SF/2013_10/10_2013_smith.pdf
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