Message From The Quality Management Division Chair

Jerry Rice
Chair - Quality Management Division 2018-2019
The Quality Management Division of ASQ has started focusing our efforts on content management in earnest during the 4th quarter. Our MyASQ community is set up with resource pages for each item in the Quality Management Body of Knowledge. Our content management committees are forming around their respective BOK areas. We also have a team working diligently on a new edition of the Certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence Handbook based on the newly revised body of knowledge.

The Quality Management Body of Knowledge is set up in the Quality Management Division Community on MyASQ website. Landing pages and additional resources have been set up for each item in the body of knowledge open to all QMD members. This is just a taste of the content that will be available as we build out our resources on MyASQ.

A resource page is set up for each of the 80 items in the Quality Management Body of Knowledge. Each resource has up to a 5,000-character description with integrated links to access even more content. Each resource also holds up to 10 files that can be uploaded/ downloaded. These files can be papers, video presentations, tools, and learning modules. There is space for 2 dedicated links for each resource as well.

When you add it all up, at minimum the Quality Management Division has the capacity for 400,000 characters, 800 files, and 160 dedicated links to cover the entire Quality Management Body of Knowledge. All of this is searchable from one search.

MyASQ has 3 public Technical communities online so far. The potential richness of content on MyASQ is immense once there are 20 or so interconnected ASQ technical communities on this platform… all with a single search function. It’s truly mind-boggling.

While the current MyASQ platform is functional in its current state, there are still many improvements that will be needed over time. There must be a balance between adding new communities and refining platform features. The addition of communities should take priority for the time being. Please be patient as this platform gets built out and check back often. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

When you put this massive potential for content into practice, there ends up being a huge need for resources to manage all this content. It isn’t just a matter of loading up a bunch of stuff and forgetting about it. The content should be reviewed and approved by subject matter experts prior to being uploaded. There is also a need to maintain content to ensure it is current and relevant. There is an ongoing resource need.

The Quality Management Division has begun recruiting subject matter experts for Content Management Committees to fill this need. These teams will manage and curate content to the Quality Management Body of Knowledge. While much of their work will be to build out content on MyASQ, they also work with our education subcommittee on learning material and webinars, our conference subcommittee providing speakers and presenters, and our publications subcommittee for articles and books.

The QMD Content Management Committees will be coordinating with other ASQ technical communities and linking to other content where appropriate to fill out the Quality Management BOK. These teams of subject matter experts will coordinate with the ASQ QBOK staff and peer group to contribute to the Quality Management portion of QBOK.

We have an ongoing need for subject matter experts to fill out the QMD Content Management Committees. There are seven committees (one for each section of the BOK) with 5 to 8 SME’s on each team. If you are a QMD member and interested in becoming a member of a CMC, please reach out to the to the appropriate CMC leader in the link below:

Quality Management Division Content Management Committee – Volunteer Information Kit

You will be hearing more about both MyASQ and our Content Management Committees over the next year. ASQ and the Quality Management Division are going through some big changes. Our goal is to provide you with valuable knowledge that will help both you in your career and the organizations you are associated with.

Best regards,

Jerry Rice
ASQ Quality Management Division
Posted by Jerry Rice on Nov 16, 2018 7:22 PM America/Chicago