II.B.5 Internal Capability Analysis

Excerpt From The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Handbook

It is essential to have a clear understanding of the primary competencies that distinguish the organization and its products and services from the competition. Ask
  • What capabilities of the employees enable the organization to successfully compete in the marketplace?
  • What are the unique skills and experience level of the workforce?
  • What creative and innovative talents are embodied in our workforce?
  • What organizational climate, work environment, and management style supports a highly motivated workforce?
  • What process capabilities enable the organization to successfully compete in the marketplace?
  • What research and development is unique to this organization?
  • What state-of-the-art organizational structure, facilities, processes, equipment, and tools are unique to this organization?
  • To what degree is the organization integrated with its supply chain?
  • What unique difference does our geographic location make?
  • Proximity to major customer segments?
  • Proximity to major transportation hubs, highways, terminals, and so on?
  • What unique certifications and other recognition has the organization received?
  • How does the organization’s financial stability distinguish it from competitors?

Factors that should be considered in developing the organization’s strategy are:
  • Availability of human resources
  • Is the available labor pool stable, expanding, or contracting?
  • Is the infrastructure supporting the labor force capable of accommodating the organization’s expanded or changed strategies in the future? What about transportation issues and housing issues like utilities, taxes, and emergency services? What about schools and other institutions to support families?
  • Is the current labor force and available labor pool capable of acquiring the competencies required to support future organizational strategies?
  • Are there currently, or planned, educational opportunities capable of assisting in the development of the organization’s human competencies?
  • Are there currently, or available in the future, the facilities, equipment and operational capacity to expand and/or reconfigure to accommodate future strategies?
  • Are there funds available or accessible to support growth plans?
  • Are there adequate materials, supplies, and suppliers to meet the needs of planned growth?
  • Will the quality of leadership, the organization structure, and the predominant managing style support the planned growth?

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II.B.5 Internal capability analysis

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