II.B.4 Technology

Excerpt From The Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Handbook

In today’s rapidly changing world, a new technological development can have a dramatic impact on the life and sustainability of an organization. Organizations must have a means for detecting technology developments, assessing the potential for use in their industry and organization, and effectively implementing those technologies that will likely provide an advantage. Technology may include:
  • Electronic-based technologies used for communicating
  • Product or service technology
  • Production or service process technology
  • Support systems technology (for example, designed to serve marketing, engineering, production, customer service, finance, human resources, suppliers, knowledge management, and so on)
  • Hardware, software, storage media

Technological developments can enable the creation of entirely new products (for example, handheld devices, distance learning) or may be incorporated into a product or a service process to enhance functionality or reduce costs (for example, online flight reservations, e-tickets, and self-printed boarding passes, even biologically implanted monitoring devices). The fact that technological changes often occur outside an organization’s industry means that organizations must be continually scanning the environment to identify potential threats and opportunities. A change in one technology can also quickly obsolete another technology (for example, the demise of typewriters, floppy disks, auto carburetors, and a myriad of other now obsolete technologies) or dramatically shorten an expected product life cycle.

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II.B.4 Technology - Describe how changes in technology can have long- and short-term influences on strategic planning .

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