II.A Strategic Planning Models

QMD Webinar Recording - The ABCs of Strategic Planning - Which method is right for you?
with Gary Cokins and Jd Marhevko

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The origin of the term strategic plan has been traced to H. Igor Ansoff’s Corporate Strategy, published in 1965. In the mid-1990s, Henry Mintzberg contributed a vast amount of writing on strategic planning. A critical factor in strategic planning is the subject of quality.

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (PEx) describes strategic planning as the process that addresses strategic and business planning and deployment of plans, with strong customer and operational performance requirements.

There are dozens of effective models of how to do strategic planning. These are dependent on your company’s culture and business type. In all models, the effectiveness and efficiency of quality systems are key. If the organization cannot deliver its goods or services well or on time, then it will not survive.

Several strategic tools and models are shown in the table, which shows their relevance across the 5 stage SPDD cycle. Check out our overview webinar on some common strategic models titled, The ABCs of Strategic Planning - Which method is right for you? for more ideas on how to see which set of tools can help you achieve your goals.

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Strategic Planning and Hoshin Kanri by Jd Marhevko and Eric Zink

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II Strategic Plan Development and Deployment
II.A Strategic Planning Models - Define, describe, and use basic elements of strategic planning models, including how mission, vision, and values as guiding principles relate to the plan.

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