The Fall 2020 Quality Management Forum Is Here!

Editor’s Notes | Sandy L. Furterer

Welcome to the Fall 2020 issue of the Quality Management Forum. Hope you are all doing well despite 
Sandy L. Furterer, PhD, MBA, is an associate professor and department chair in the Engineering Management, Systems and Technology Department at the University of Dayton. She holds ASQ certifications, which include the ASQ Certified Quality Manager / Organizational Excellence, Certified Quality Engineer, and the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and is an ASQ Fellow. She is a Certified Master Black Belt by the Harrington Institute, Inc. Furterer resides in her home state of Ohio, near Dayton, with her husband Dan, three children and their pets, Gypsy, a calico cat, Demi, their Beagle-Jack Russell Terrier rescue dog, their slightly crazy Lily, their hound-lab rescue dog and a new orange tabby cat, Louis, recently rescued. Contact her at

the continuing COVID–19 pandemic.

Our Fall issue includes three articles that can help us deal with the uncertainty of the pandemic.
  • The first article, “Leveraging the Benefits of the EFQM Innovation Lens & ISO56002 Innovation Management Systems Guidance,” by Denis Leonard, provides insight into how the integration of the EFQM innovation lens and the ISO56002:2109 Innovation Management System work for supporting, creating, managing, and implementing innovation.
  • The second article, “Enhancing the Certified Quality Manager/Organizational Excellence Body of Knowledge for Promoting Organization Excellence: The Socratic Method and Kepner Tregoe,” is by Milton Krivokuca. This article describes the importance of two new topics that were added to the CMQ/OE Body of Knowledge in 2019, the Socratic Method and the Kepner Tregoe methodology for decision making.
  • Our third article, “Innovation (or Should I Say Resilience) In Trying Times: Creating from Uncertainty Using 3 Vital Questions®,” by Ann-Marie Flinn, provides a framework for change leadership, supporting sustainable transformation —change, management and innovation.

We also have our QMD chair, Peggy Milz’s Chair’s Message. Peggy provides updates on QMD’s strategic planning sessions for 2021, which even included a virtual hangout with our QMD leadership team.

We have a book review by Ken Jurgensmeyer, who evaluates Transforming Your STEM Career Through Leadership and Innovation, by Pamela McCauley Bush. The book discusses the challenges of women and underrepresented minorities in the STEM field as well as strategies for managing your own career by leveraging your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. The book includes guidance for developing your personal leadership plan.

I’ve included a summary of the results of our recent Voice of Customer survey on publications that ASQ facilitates, providing insights into the value of our QMD Forum, with ideas on additional topics that our members would like to see in print.

We end as usual with this edition’s J.R. McGee’s Coach’s Corner, which is titled “Covid … Crisis … Chaos … Welcome to the ‘New Normal.’” J.R. provides guidance on how to build team relationships in the new virtual world caused by the global COVID–19 pandemic.

As always, please feel free to provide feedback on this issue of the Forum, as well as any ideas for enhancing QMD publications for our division. I can be reached at

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