Message From The Chair

Aug 2018 QMD Planning Meeting
The Quality Management Division (QMD) held our 2019 business plan and budgeting session at ASQ headquarters in Milwaukee on August 24th and 25th. This year we included representatives from our newly formed Content Management Committees as well as our Technical Committees and current leadership council members. Much of the discussion and planning was centered around how QMD can support the ASQ transformation while continuing to support past initiatives.

The meetings kicked off with Bill Troy, CEO of ASQ, and the ASQ staff providing an update on ASQ’s transformation progress to date and where our support is needed in the upcoming year. Bill also went over how the ASQ staff is restructuring to support both individual members and organizations. Cynthia Nazario provided an update on MyASQ communities. Jim Templin updated us on ASQ membership trends and their efforts to provide a personalized ASQ experience for members. Craig Walker explained how the ASQ information infrastructure is being designed to provide a rich and seamless user experience.

The team then discussed how we would address our positions on transformation. We discussed continuation of the Quality Management Forum, support for the CMQ/OE Handbook and other QMD publications. We will continue our collaboration efforts with the Healthcare Division’s QMS standards. We discussed how we will support spinning off our Student and Global initiatives into stand alone ASQ interest groups/ technical communities. We also touched on how QMD will address conferences and events, webinars, policies and procedures and division finances.

The team spent some time discussing how transformation will provide an opportunity to simplify the QMD Operating System with the related procedures and roles. We hope to scale back the number of documents needed to operate the division with the focus being on the activities required to execute and support our value stream. There will be more to come on the changes to our operating system.

Friday afternoon was dedicated to how we can contribute to the QBOK with the newly formed Content Management Committees. After a brief introduction to the CMC concept, Sue Peiffer gave a presentation on how the Healthcare Division has been addressing the QBOK. Sue highlighted several best practices that we can emulate with our QBOK efforts. The CMC and technical committees then broke out to determine how they were going to structure themselves for the upcoming year.

During the remaining time on Friday, the QMD council members went over our progress on 2018 objective then started brainstorming objectives for 2019.

Saturday morning began with the QMD council reporting out the draft 2019 objectives to the CMC and technical committees. Heather McCain and Grace Duffy then reported on recommendations on how the CMC’s and technical committees should be structured. We then split up the draft objectives between the QMD council and CMC’s to further refine in breakout sessions. Peggy Milz led the team in the afternoon to finalize our objectives and begin putting budgetary numbers around them.

We were able to put together a fairly complete plan and budget with a few loose ends to tie up… including adjustments to our budget numbers.  

The highlights of our 2019 business plan are:
  • Continue the hardcopy distribution of our peer reviewed quarterly journal, the Quality Management Forum. We will collect voice of the customer during the year to determine our path going forward into 2020 and beyond.
  • Revision of the Certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence Handbook to the new CMQ/OE exam body of knowledge being released in late 2018.
  • Continued financial support for the QMD Student and Global initiatives through 2019 so there is time to transition these initiatives to their own interest group or technical community.
  • Build out Content Management Committees and support face to face meetings with the CMC’s to promote teamwork and allow better planning and preparation for content distribution.
  • Collaborate with the ASQ Software Division to deploy an intuitive means of navigating content.
  • Continue delivering webinars in collaboration with other ASQ divisions.
  • Support the World Conference on Quality and Improvement with a booth, member breakfast, and a QMD sponsored workshop.
  • Simplify the QMD Operating System to support transformation and focus solely on activities related to the execution and support of member value creation.
  • Determine any changes needed to support the CMQ/OE exam development.
  • Use the voice of the customer to prioritize content development.

When it's all said and done our contribution as QMD member leaders is to share our knowledge. We aren't website experts, accounting experts, marketing experts, or event planners. We should leave that stuff to the talented folks on staff that are... and hold them accountable to deliver what we need. We should focus on curating and sharing our collective knowledge and leave something behind for those that follow to build upon. Overall, it was a productive meeting where we were able to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. I think I can speak for the whole team in Milwaukee when I say that we left this meeting re-energized to serve you, our membership.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Rice
ASQ Quality Management Division
Posted by Jerry Rice on Sep 3, 2018 8:01 AM America/Chicago