ISO 9001 Effectiveness Study – Call For Participants

If you are part of an ISO 9001 registered company we would like to hear from you. Chris Hermenitt, one of our QMD members is researching the effectiveness of ISO9001 based Quality Management System certifications. We need your participation. Sample size matters. Please take time to read the following and respond to the survey if you are currently part of an organization certified to an ISO 9001 based QMS.

Does ISO 9001 certification bring value to organizations?  You may think so, but the academic research shows mixed results.  For example, researchers have found that ISO 9001 certification may not improve customer satisfaction and may simply cost organizations more money through paperwork (Heras-Saizarbitoria, Arana, & Boiral, 2015; Riillo, 2013).  Other researchers found improvements across the board in companies that used an ISO 9001 QMS (Jain & Ahuja, 2012; Psomas & Pantouvakis, 2014).  There is a gap in our knowledge and I would like your help in closing it.

My name is Chris Hermenitt and I am a Doctoral Candidate at Northcentral University.  I am conducting a research study on the business effects of ISO 9001 in the U.S.A.   I am completing this research as part of my Doctoral degree, and I invite you to participate.  This survey is for my Doctoral research and is not sponsored by ASQ or the Division. However, a summary of the results will be shared after the study.

I hope to include 280 people in this research. If you are interested to participate then please follow the survey link at the end of this article.  You will be directed to an informed consent screen and if you consent to participate then you will be asked to confirm your eligibility based on study criteria.  You are eligible to participate if you are 18 years of age or older and work in an organization in the U.S.A. that has an ISO 9001 third-party-certified Quality Management System.  No personally identifiable information will be collected and the total time to complete should take around 10 minutes.  You can pause and return to the survey later if necessary.

If you have questions for me, you can contact me at: or (706) 963-0183.  My dissertation chair’s name is Dr. Brian Bridgeforth.  He works at Northcentral University and is supervising me on the research.  You can contact him at: or (608) 399-5309.

If you have questions about your rights in the research, or if a problem has occurred, or if you are injured during your participation, please contact the Institutional Review Board at: or 1-888-327-2877 ext 8014.

An executive summary of the research results will be published in a future issue of this newsletter. Help all of us better understand the benefits of ISO 9001! Participate today!

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Posted by Jerry Rice on Jul 19, 2018 4:24 PM America/Chicago