II Strategic Plan Development And Deployment


About this committee:
The Strategic Plan Development and Deployment (SPDD) Content Management Committee (CMC) develops and sources content from around the world for YOU, our customer. This content can be used for research, application, or certification and ranges from novice to expert levels. This content is live and we strive to include other organizations who can help provide relevant SPDD resources and training. From all of us at the SPDD CMC, we would like to thank those of you for yesterday’s contributions, today’s visionaries, and tomorrows donations. Without your support and help, we would not have this great library of content. Thank you.

Team Members:

Chair: Jd Marhevko
Bobby Wheeler
Daniel Zrymiak
Eric Zink
Ginger White
JR McGee
Pem Smith

Topic Areas:
II Strategic Plan Development and Deployment
II.A Strategic Planning Models
II.B Business Environment Analysis
II.B.1 SWOT Analysis
II.B.2 Market Forces
II.B.3 Stakeholder Analysis
II.B.4 Technology
II.B.5 Internal Capability Analysis
II.B.6 Legal and Regulatory Factors
II.C Strategic Plan Deployment
II.C.1 Tactical plans
II.C.2 Resource Allocation and Deployment
II.C.3 Organizational Performance Measurement
II.C.4 Quality in Strategic Deployment



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Recent Webinar Recording(s)
The ABC's of Strategic Planning (OCT2021) (https://youtu.be/Xwc8kGerWb0)

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