ASQ Improving Healthcare Monograph Series
A joint effort of the ASQ Quality Management and Healthcare Divisions

A Hospital-based Healthcare QMS Model
Is your hospital seeking to improve patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction?

Summary of call for papers:

ASQ’s Healthcare and Quality Management divisions are seeking successful and sustained examples of industry-leading quality system best practices, with the accompanying lessons learned. The case studies should reflect the structure and purpose of the ASQ Healthcare Quality Management System (QMS) and one or more of its ten (10) Quality System Elements (QSE) (see links and images below). It should include the experiences and improved outcomes that have been achieved, along with the key success drivers. Submissions should focus on a specific QSE(s) and describe how, and to what extent, the element significantly impacts or improves quality, safety, value, and/or efficiency. Each submission should also address the planning, staff and management engagement, deployment timeframe, and techniques and tools associated with deployment and any efforts to manage or improve the element’s effectiveness.

Each submission will be considered both for publication in the fourth Monograph on the QMS and possible expansion and publication in other ASQ peer-reviewed journals, such as the Quality Management Forum.

Each submission should be no more than one thousand (1,000) words and may include limited graphics.

Background on the QMS and Monograph 4
A Hospital-Based Healthcare Quality Management System Model was released to healthcare organizations across the globe in April 2016. It was developed by a team of practitioners from the ASQ Healthcare Quality and Improvement Committee (HQIC), who represent the Society’s Healthcare and Quality Management Divisions.

The model provides a conceptual framework for healthcare leaders and quality practitioners who are seeking to improve patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction, as well as cost savings, risk management, and regulatory compliance. The formalized Quality Management System shared in Monograph 1 documents the structure, responsibilities, and procedures required to achieve effective quality management. It specifically describes the process of improving all aspects of patient outcomes and operating performance.

Links to Monographs 1 and 2: Click Here

Description of complete compendium for which case studies are being requested

Monograph 4: Implementing the Healthcare Quality Management System. This Monograph is designed to provide examples of successful QMS deployments and implementation references for organizations initially developing their first comprehensive QMS or augmenting and updating an existing approach. Real-life case studies submitted by healthcare organizations will be used as examples of implementations of each of the 10 Quality System Elements that are integrated into a complete and sustainable QMS. The Monograph also will be useful for organizations that need major revisions and improvements to their existing QMS.

The contents will provide a strategic foundation for QMS development, as well as a project management plan. This will offer a process-oriented perspective, focused on the steps needed to obtain support from leaders and stakeholders, establish change plans, implement conformance audits, and achieve and sustain quality care.

Types of submissions suitable for publication in Monograph 4 include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. Case studies that highlight role model practices or implementation strategies for performance excellence, using process models such as Plan-Do-Check-Act, Lean, Six Sigma, Systems Thinking, or other structured process improvement methods.
  2. 2 – 3 pages in length, or approximately 1000 words

Editorial Board
Grace L. Duffy Lynn Loynes
Pierce Story Maureen Washburn
Susan Peiffer Tammy Allen
Christine Bales Douglas Dotan
Vicente Alberto Araujo Rowenchona Sano
Donna Gillespie  
All members of the Editorial Board have extensive experience and knowledge about high performance management approaches, Quality Management Systems, and Healthcare Patient-Focused organizations.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be sent via email to the editor at
Submissions for Monograph 4 must be received by January 15, 2021 to allow for review and revisions, as necessary. 

Each submission will be reviewed by at least three members of the editorial board who evaluate the article based on the following attributes:
  1. Contribution to knowledge. Does the case study present experiences and improvement outcomes that have been achieved, along with the key success drivers that support performance excellence?
  2. Significance to practitioners. Are the concepts discussed of practical significance meaningful to organizational leaders and managers?
  3. Readability and clarity. Is the case study well organized and presented in a clear and readable fashion that will be understood by a wide audience?
  4. Figures and tables. Are figures and/or tables used appropriately to enhance the ability of the case study to summarize and/or communicate information and conclusions?
  5. Organization and style. Is the content of the case study logically organized? Does the title represent the case study’s content?
  6. Does the case study have the potential for expansion into a full-length paper for submission to a peer reviewed journal?

Prospective authors should use these attributes as a checklist in reviewing their manuscript prior to submission to improve the likelihood of acceptance.

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